The best Dust2 flash grenade and smoke grenade spots in CS:GO

Up your game with these ‘nades.

Image via Valve

Proper utility usage is paramount to success in CS:GO. With Dust2 being one of the most played maps in the game, it’s incredibly useful to know at least a few smoke and flash executes. A good rule of thumb is to pick one or two positions and practice them until they’ve become muscle memory, then move on to the next and so on. Here are five smoke grenades and three flash grenade locations for you to master.

Smoke on Long from outside

This one is very useful when paired with the shorter throw from the doors, providing a smoke curtain to set up on long as Ts, without CTs being aware of your team’s exact positioning or isolating the deep Long defender from site A defenders.

To execute it, wedge your model in the corner behind the cab, then turn and aim for the corner of the tower. Move your reticule slightly to the left and perform a stationary left-click throw.

Image via CSGO Nades

T-side XBox Smoke from Suicide Alley

Attacking through Catwalk is risky business at the best of times. Mid defender can easily peek through Gate and then see and count your team. With this simple smoke grenade, you can lock out the mid player from passing the information to his A defenders before your team explodes in a Short to A execute.

To execute the throw, hug the right shoulder wall along the Suicide Alley, then perform a running throw releasing the left mouse button right before passing the building’s corner. Make sure to aim for the top right corner of the small black window, so that your grenade lands on top of the box.

Image via CSGO Nades

Mid Gate hinge Smoke

Continuing with the theme of restricting vision through Mid Gate, the famous hinge smoke is excellent when you’ve already taken Mid or if you’re swapping your attack side from B through Tunnels and plan to climb to Catwalk. The extra layer of safety is invaluable.

To perform this simple smoke, just wedge your model so that it’s positioned to look over the hinge, then perform a stationary right-click throw to set it up.

Image via CSGO Nades

B Doors Smoke from Catwalk

If you want to restrict visibility from or onto B, you have to control or smoke off the B Doors. This smoke does that and even allows you to set up a lurk position in case you aim to take B instead. It takes some practice to master, but this smoke is vital for both setups and clutches.

To perform this throw, walk up the Catwalk and face the bars, aligning your reticule with the second vertical one from the left. Then turn and aim for the upper right corner on the frame-like decoration of the Mid building. Then, perform short a running jump throw.

Image via CSGO Nades

Short One-way Smoke

Whether you’re retaking or assaulting A, peeking from Short is never a comfortable position. In order to do it from some semblance of safety, setting up a one-way smoke can give you just the edge you need to win.

To set this one up, position yourself along the right side of the lower Short building, with the crates behind you. Aim for the lip of the stairway wall right in front of you and perform a stationary left-click throw. If it lands correctly, you will have a view of Car and Upper Long without them being able to see you.

Image via CSGO Nades

Long Flash from outside

Executing this flashbang correctly allows your team to rush Long without giving the defenders time to react. Unlike the usual high-throw flashes that they can see coming, this one explodes quickly enough to allow almost no time to cover.

To perform the throw, stand next to the outside building facing the corner, aiming for a white dot in the texture. Turn the model and align the reticule between the lip of the wall and the palm tree. From there, perform a stationary jump-throw with the left mouse button.

Image via CSGO Nades

B Tunnels Godflash

Called that because it activates in such a way that it blinds most defender positions on B site while allowing your team to assault from Tunnels without getting blinded.

To throw it, stand next to the right-side crate in Tunnels and aim slightly above the small window on the left side of the B site. Perform a short running throw with the left mouse button and rush the site while the enemy is flashed.

Image via CSGO Nades

Mid Gate pop flash

If you plan to attack or retake through Mid Gate, it’s useful to know how to throw a pop flash that stuns the enemy who might be defending at a strong position such as the left side niche.

To perform this pop flash, stand behind the Xbox and aim for its upper right corner where it touches the Catwalk wall. Standing there, left-click throw and you’re immediately ready to burst into Mid.

Image via CSGO Nades