Counter-Strike – Global Offensive: Best Mirage Callouts in CS:GO

Time to rule Mirage and learn all the locations.

Image via CS:GO

CS:GO is one of the longest-standing and most popular FPS games today. Although the game mostly revolves around a player’s mechanical skills and teamwork, other aspects of the game can determine which team is heading toward victory. One such attribute for succeeding in the game is knowing callouts for different maps. These are basically one-word terms used for delivering information to teammates quickly.

Whether you’re playing competitively or casually, mastering callouts specific to the game and map you’re playing on can greatly enhance your ability to work with your teammates and make more informed decisions in the heat of the moment. In this guide, we are listing all the best callouts you should know to succeed in the Middle Eastern-themed map of Mirage in CS:GO.

Mirage Callouts in CS:GO

Image via Total CS: GO

A Site

  • Default – The default plant spot for the bomb on A site. Often referred to as “default.”
  • Triple – The corner where three boxes are stacked, providing cover for players defending or attacking the A site.
  • Firebox – The raised platform near triple boxes, offering an elevated angle to hold the A site.
  • Ticket Booth – The structure near the A site where players can hide or hold angles.
  • Ninja – The corner inside the A site where a player can hide by crouching, resembling a ninja.
  • Tetris – The stack of boxes near the A site resembling Tetris blocks. Used as a callout for positioning.

B Site

  • Bench – The bench near the van on B site, offering cover and angles for defenders.
  • Van – The van located on B site, providing cover for players holding B site angles.
  • Market – The market area connecting B apartments and B site. Offers various angles for both attackers and defenders.
  • Apartments – The upper level of the B site, often referred to as “B apps.” Provides elevation advantage for players.
  • Underpass – The pathway underneath the B site that connects under the apartments, offering a sneaky route for rotations.

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  • Underpass – The path leading from T spawn to Connector, often used for flanking and map control.
  • Connector – The open area connecting the A and B sites through the middle of the map.
  • Window – The room overlooking mid, offering a central vantage point for both attackers and defenders.
  • Short – The pathway connecting the T spawn to the A site through the middle, often used for quick rushes or control.
  • Top Mid – The elevated area near Window and connector, providing an advantageous angle over mid.

Other Callouts

  • Palace – The raised area near A site, accessible through A ramp. Used for various angles and map control.
  • A Ramp – The pathway leading from T spawn to A site, providing access for attackers.
  • B Apartments – The upper level of B site, offering a different route for attackers pushing B.
  • Jungle – The area near Connector and A site, offering angles to hold both sites.
  • Stairs – The staircases connecting various levels of the map, often used for positioning and map control.