The best escape room maps in Rec Room

Solve puzzles and escape mystery rooms.

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Escape rooms are one of the more popular maps played in Rec Room. The thrilling experience of solving puzzles and escaping pesky mystery rooms in a VR environment is always exhilarating. Although many such maps are available in Rec Room, only a few are worth trying out. To help players have the most satisfactory experience possible, we’ve compiled a list of the best Escape rooms map in Rec Room.

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Dive into the world of sorcery and use magic to fight your way through. You can cast fireballs, draw magic runes and perform different spells to solve mystical puzzles.


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Lost amongst stars, you must repair your critically damaged spaceship ship and navigate your way back to your home planet. To repair your spaceship, you need to solve several puzzles while ensuring that it doesn’t completely break down.


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The main objective of Chronom is to repair the condemned Sonnerie clock tower before the city completely demolishes it. However, fixing the big click tower won’t be easy, and you have to solve several intricate puzzles to do so.


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This map will put players in a creepy mansion that players need to escape. Players need to solve multiple puzzles and use different items to get away from the mansion. Keep in mind that only a maximum of four players can play TheMansionEscape together.


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Your team has only 60 seconds to plan and execute a perfect heist. You have to learn the area’s layout, dodge the guards, take the prize, and flee without being noticed.