The best free OBS stinger transitions

Instantly improve your production values with a free stinger.

Stinger Transition

Screenshot by Gamepur

When streaming, the transitions that you use between scenes can have an effect on how good your stream looks, where pleasing graphics can make your production values improve effortlessly. If you want your stream to rock the professional-grade look that comes with all of the top streamers, you will want to use a stinger transition.

Stingers are a set of moving graphics that cover your screen, allowing you to change your scene to a different one while looking like a seamless transition. Stingers can also be used as a way of promoting your brand, with colors, logos, and graphics pertinent to what your stream is about.

That said, even simple stinger transitions, ones that can be found for free can offer a great look. There are a limited amount of free stingers available online, and typically they fit for any existing overlay package, but there are still some options that can offer a great look for your stream.

Nerd or Die Borderline

Screenshot by Gamepur

Twitch graphic design company Nerd or Die are known for their overlay packages for streamers, but they also provide some of the best assets completely free. One of these is the excellent Borderline pack stinger, with a metal gradient style pattern that swipes from the bottom left to the top right. It’s clean and is neutral enough to fit almost any stream aesthetic.

Nerd or Die Glitch 2

Screenshot by Gamepur

Another from the collection of Nerd or Die, the Glitch 2 set offers a cyberpunk, sci-fi vibe that gives a cool, futuristic look to your stream. The stinger for the set is free to use, and it’s a glitching animation that makes it seem as though your scenes are glitching together. It also comes with a muted version and one with a digital sound cue too.

Visuals By Impulse Kaleidoscope

Screenshot by Gamepur

As part of the free stringers package with Visuals By Impulse, the Kaleidoscope stinger transitions all offer a very cool graphic that is, well, a kaleidoscope. But it also has a very cool, futuristic look to it and most modern overlays have this aesthetic to them, so this can fit in well with many of today’s popular sets of graphics. The stinger also comes in a variety of colors to suit the flavor of your channel.

Visuals By Impulse Skewed Strips Wipe

Screenshot by Gamepur

Another great stinger transition from the Visuals By Impulse free set, the skewed strips send lines from opposite corners to cover the stream and then continue as the scene is changed. It’s another fairly simple but clean and effective stinger that gives a small improvement to your production value.

Hexeum Vortex Transition

Screenshot by Gamepur

This stinger provided by Hexeum offers a flashy vortex that zooms in and back out on the graphic in the middle of the page. There is no choice of colors for this, but it offers one of the coolest stingers for free and pairs well with most looks even without the flexibility on the aesthetic scheme.