The Best Gunlancer builds in Lost Ark

Despite the name, a Gunlancer’s biggest strength is neither his gun nor his lance, but instead the strength of his pauldrons.

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When players think of what makes a class a “tank,” they think of massive health bars, near-insurmountable survivability, and a means of defending their allies from incoming harm.

In Lost Ark, the Gunlancer is that prototypical tank.

While modest in attack power, the Gunlancer’s abilities revolve around debuffing enemies while buffing allied defense, providing a combination of tanking and support that proves invaluable to most dungeon-raiding parties.

Playstyle: Slow and steady

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With all of his eggs placed firmly in the defensive basket, the Gunlancer is significantly lacking in skills that provide mobility, AoE, and high-impact damage.

However, where the Gunlancer’s lack of skill variety partially handicaps his general applicability for most fight situations, he excels in debuffing and handicapping enemies, preventing his teammates from being attacked in the process.

  • Bash: Quick melee attack that causes enemies to stumble out of attacking and get temporarily stunned
  • Shield Shock: On a successful hit, damaged enemies will have their move speed reduced

What’s also of note about the Gunlancer is that it’s the only class that bears the distinction of using its dash to jump backwards, rather than dart forwards. As Gunlancer is designed to tank as much enemy aggression as possible, the backwards dash can be used to create separation between the player and incoming enemies.

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Shield Meter: Doubling down on defense

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The Shield Meter at the center of the player’s HUD gains charge as the Gunlancer deals damage.

When full, Gunlancers can gradually drain their Shield Meters to activate one of two passive skills, used either to defend themselves or their teammates until the meter is depleted. 

  • Defensive Stance: Temporarily halves the user’s movement speed while reducing the Shield Meter’s charge in place of the user’s health bar, tanking incoming damage until the meter is empty
  • Battlefield Shield: Redirects all damage inflicted on teammates to the Gunlancer’s health pool for 5 seconds of combat

“Shield” skills, like the aforementioned Shield Shock or Shield Bash, build this meter faster than other skills, encouraging their frequent use in the Gunlancer’s combat sequences.

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