Lost Ark PvE Classes Tier List – The Best Characters for PvE

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Lost Ark is an ambitious Diablo-inspired MMO with a massive campaign and many challenging PvE activities players can take on. Lost Ark also features extensive PvP and slice-of-life gameplay scenarios, including building a stronghold, kart racing, and sailing. Each class is balanced separately in PvE and PvP, so knowing which to use for the right type of content is vital to having a great time in Lost Ark. This guide will explain the best PvE classes to use in Lost Ark.

What are the best PvE classes in Lost Ark?

Unlike the PvP tier list for Lost Ark, every class has a chance to be helpful in this game’s PvE content. As long as you have the right gear, the correct item level, and a good party, any class can stand a chance in the most challenging raid and dungeon content in Lost Ark. Of course, some classes are easier to use than others, and that is what primarily dictates how this tier list is structured. Find a class that fits your playstyle, and prepare them for PvE content at the highest levels.

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This is the tier list for the best PvE classes in Lost Ark.

Tier RatingsLost Ark PvE Character Class
SArtillerist, Deadeye, Paladin,
AArcanist, Bard, Destroyer, Glavier, Gunslinger, Machinist, Reaper, Soulfist
BArtist, Berserker, Deathblade, Gunlancer, Shadowhunter, Sorceress, Wardancer
CScrapper, Striker

If you want to breeze through Lost Arks PvE content from Guardian Raids and hard dungeons, the Padadin is the easy pick for players who want to turn their brains off and absolutely smash their way to victory. This class is limited in mobility, but in Raids and dungeons, most enemies are in close quarters and will charge at you. This playstyle feeds directly into the Paladin’s tanky and healing nature, which pushes them to the top of the PvE tier list.

The Scrapper and Striker are fun to use in PvE and much more viable, but they still require significantly more effort if you want to excel with them in the pinnacle end-game content Lost Ark offers.