The best M5A3 loadout in Battlefield 2042


Battlefield 2042

Image via EA

The M5A3 is a solid weapon in Battlefield 2042, but getting the most out of it could be the difference between life and death. The M5A3 will act as a workhorse during medium to longer engagements, but that doesn’t mean it will let you down up close. Still, the weapon excels and should be built for longer-range engagements.

With the below setup, you will end up with a weapon with the following stats:

  • Firepower – 55
  • Accuracy – 65
  • Range – 65
  • Handling – 32

The Extended Barrel will boost your effective range and increase your bullet speed. This is very important for hitting enemies at long range. The Maul Hybrid site is an ACOG fused with a RDS, and you can switch between the two while aiming down sights if you hit the melee button. This can be a little buggy, however.

The Cobra Grip will improve your static accuracy, which is how most of your firing should be done at long range. Finally, the Standard Issue mag will give you a neutral profile, but you should play around with the options to find one that suits. We didn’t like the impact of the other mags on the overall profile, however.

For Gadgets, you should take an Ammo Crate to keep a solid flow of ammo coming. Mackay is a solid specialist to equip with this weapon as you can get to higher ground, or rapidly chase down targets and cut them off.