The 10 best Minecraft wizard tower builds, ideas, and concepts

You can incorporate these designs into your game.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In Minecraft, players have the freedom to explore their creativity and build whatever they can imagine. And when it comes to the coolest builds, wizard towers take the cake! These towers are not only visually appealing, but they also offer a lot of functionality for players who want to immerse themselves in the magical world of Minecraft. If you are looking for the best Minecraft wizard tower builds, ideas, and concepts, we’ve listed 10 below.

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Amethyst Wizard Tower

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Amethyst is a valuable resource that was added to Minecraft in recent years. The purple glowing block is perfect for building a wizard tower as it adds an entirely different charm to the structure. Furthermore, use amethyst clusters as decorations around the tower. They can be placed in flower pots, hanging from the ceiling, or placed on tables for a magical effect.

Classic Wizard Tower

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The classic wizard tower is a timeless design that has been around since the early days of Minecraft. It consists of a tall tower with a pointed roof and a smaller turret attached to the side. Various materials are used to build the tower, including stone, cobblestone, and brick. There are also plants hanging on the tower, giving it a more natural look.

Dark Magic Wizard Tower

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Building a wizard tower around dark magic is certainly a concept that will appeal to the masses. To give it a dark aura, you can use a Block of Redstone, Red Concrete, or a Nether Block for making the roof. Furthermore, Dark Oak wood can be utilized to make the majority of the skeleton of the Wizard Tower. You can also add voodoo dolls and torches to fulfil the aesthetics.

Desert Temple Wizard Tower

Screenshot by Gamepur

This build involves creating a wizard tower that looks like an ancient temple, complete with sandstone blocks. The tower can be built in a desert biome and can incorporate elements of Egyptian or Arabian architecture.

Fancy Wizard Tower

Screenshot by Gamepur

This a unique Minecraft wizard tower that comes with its own brewing station and enchanting room. It utilizes various materials, including Cobbled Deepslate, Bricks, Red Sandstone, and Diorite Slab. To add a different flavor to the build, black, pink, magenta, lime, and gray banners have also been used.

Floating Wizard Tower

Screenshot by Gamepur

Similar to the underwater wizard tower build, this concept is truly an out-of-the-box concept. This design involves creating a tower that hovers in the air using levitation spells or magic. Inside the tower, players can create a variety of rooms and chambers for magical purposes, including enchanting rooms, potion brewing rooms, and more.

Medieval Wizard Tower

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This is a fairly simple design transported straight from history. Medieval wizard tower features just two rooms and requires minimal building resources. The jade blocks used for making the roof of this wizard tower are the only rare resource that gives it a fancy touch.

Small Underwater Wizard Tower

Screenshot by Gamepur

Ever wondered how it would be to have a wizard tower underwater? This design involves building a tower that sits on the ocean floor surrounded by marine life. Although the design seen in the image above is fairly simple, there is much more you can do with the concept. To make it fancier, you can use prismarine and coral blocks for building the structure, along with glass windows.

Steampunk Wizard Tower

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This design involves building a wizard tower resembling a steampunk machine with gears, pipes, and metal plates. The tower can be built in any biome and incorporate Victorian-era engineering elements. It is a perfect choice for anyone that is aiming for punkish aesthetics.

Treehouse Wizard Tower

Image via Planet Minecraft

This design involves building a tower around a large tree, using the tree as a central support structure. It is a great concept if you want to incorporate nature into their wizard tower. Furthermore, there is a leeway with the design you choose, as you can either pick the classic wizard tower on a tree or go for something seen in the image above.