The best nozzles and extensions in PowerWash Simulator

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Picking the right nozzle and extension in PowerWash Simulator is vital for smooth progression. Although there are a variety of nozzles and extensions available in the game, only a few are worth using. To help players pick the right components, we’ve listed the best nozzles and extensions to use in PowerWash Simulator.

Best Nozzles

Yellow Nozzle

Arguably the best nozzle in the game, Yellow Nozzle fits every situation. Although it doesn’t excel at one particular category, it has a decent balance of Range, Power, and Spread. Furthermore, when paired with Prime Vista 3000 power washer, it can clean the surface as fast as Red nozzle (most potent).

Turbo Nozzles

Turbo Nozzles are an upgraded version of standard nozzles. They come in three variants, and all are worth using. Turbo nozzles are similar to standard nozzles in terms of size, range, and power but are more flexible, resulting in a greater area of effect cleaning. That said, they also cost more than the standard nozzles.

Best Extensions

Extra-Long Extension

Unlike nozzles, where players can select different variations depending on their preference, Extra-Long Extension is simply the best extension to use. Extensions improve a nozzle’s range; therefore, the longer it is, the more range it adds. However, if players are low on cash, Long Extension is a good alternative.