The best Paldean Wooper fanart from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Mud time is fun time.

Paldean Wooper in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Image via The Pokémon Company

Players everywhere got to see some of the new Pokémon available in the upcoming Scarlet and Violet editions as part of the August Pokémon Direct. As tends to happen when the community first sees one or more new Pokémon, fan art detailing the cutest or most notable portions of a specific design started to flood the internet.

This trend is true for one of the new variant species coming to Scarlet and Violet: Paldean Wooper, a muddy brown version of the famously derpy Pokémon introduced all the way back in Gold and Silver. We’ll show off some of the best art we could find in this article.

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Best Paldean Wooper fanart

Paldean Wooper, or “Pooper,” as the community named it, introduced in the recent Pokemon Presents, maintains the somewhat blank-faced aesthetic as its blue counterpart while adding mud as a core design element.

This art by @Shagapult shows that Wooper’s thousand-yard stare has always been one of its best selling points.

With its original form released back in 1999 with Pokemon Gold and Silver, and all the nostalgia that title brings along, it’s no surprise Paldean Wooper looks great in the classic style. Check it out in this piece by @Xenophacilus

Artist @SenshiSammoArt is here with another take on Paldean Wooper’s cute, staring face, this piece shows what a little sparkle adds to the Pokemon’s charm.

Wooper has looked happy, or at least unfazed by the goings around it, for over twenty years. This Paldean Wooper fanart by @RogueScriptArt is an adorable take on a classic concept.

The Wooper stare can be cute, but it can also be mildly unnerving, like the Pokemon is staring deep into your soul, hoping to find…something. What it’s looking for in this piece by clip95 is anyone’s guess.

Every Pokemon needs its rest, and Paldean Wooper is no exception. It isn’t always asleep, even if sometimes it looks like it might be. This piece by @AdvosArt shows us what a resting Paldean Wooper would look like.

With its new aesthetic leaning into the mud and Ground-type portion of Wooper’s background, it would be surprising if we didn’t find the Pokemon playing in swamps and the muck after a rainstorm. This piece from @k_arasum_i shows us a few seconds of what Paldean Wooper play might look like.