The best Cetitan fanart from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

This walking whale is both cool and cute.

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are introducing lots of new lovable creatures in the series’ ninth generation. Cetitan is an Ice-type land whale that’s captured the hearts of more than a few future trainers, thanks to its blubbery proportions and pink-on-white color scheme. As you might expect, this has led to a lot of wonderful fanart, and we’ve gathered some of the best examples here.

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One common trend with fanart of new Pokémon is to draw them alongside the other ‘mons that were revealed alongside them. Thus, @herringaid grouped Cetitan with two much smaller creatures: Fidough and Paldean Wooper.

Meanwhile, @awesomegoats1 saw that Cetitan has a similar body shape to Togekiss and decided to pair them up. Their drawing also puts the ‘mons in two different moods, with one chill and the other chipper.

@Juniperobui also saw a shape similarity. In this case, it was to the Gen 3 Legendary Kyogre. Both of these Pokémon are ocean-dwellers, so this high five is definitely happening underwater.

There hasn’t been a new whale Pokemon in a while, so @ShinyChoppy was quite happy to see one for Scarlet and Violet. They celebrated by drawing the land whale sitting with a Vulpix, a Snom, and a Zubat.

@Emotsper couldn’t contain their excitement either, so they drew Cetitan pulsing with big whale energy. The anime squiggles are a nice touch.

Other artists, like @5pringfeather, focused on the cutesy aspect of Cetitan. Her drawing shows the new Pokémon in a pose that resembles the shy finger-touching emoji. If only Cetitan had actual fingers…

Cetitan might be a walking whale, but it is a sea creature too. That led @ofStarDragons to draw the new ‘mon underwater, in a lovely low-light environment.

Of course, it also spends lots of time on land with its trainer, and that’s the scene that @squishydraws decided to illustrate. The pen lines give this one a rather sharp look.

The Cetitan we now know has a pink-on-white look, and that led @sketchy_as_fork to imagine its Shiny form with black and yellow accents. There are lots of great Shiny Pokémon out there, and Sketchy’s idea fits right in with those designs.

Finally, @MadZygardeCore thought about what sort of Pokémon would evolve into Cetitan. We don’t know if it has an earlier form, but MadZygarde’s horned dolphin would be a perfect fit.

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