Pokémon Go: Best Pokémon teams for the Summer Cup Great League – June 2023

The Summer Cup returns to Pokémon Go for June 2023, and this guide covers the best Pokémon teams to use in the Great League competition.

Image via the Pokémon Company

The Summer Cup has returned to Pokémon Go, and any Battle League players will want to jump into this competition. Similar to other unique Cups in Pokémon Go, these battles come with a handful of conditions that you want to make sure you check off before entering this competition.

For those curious about what Pokémon teams to make, we have some fresh ideas that should help make the decision process easier. This guide covers some of the best teams you can use in during Pokémon Go’s Summer Cup Great League battles for June 2023.

Every Best Summer Cup Great League Pokémon Team in Pokémon Go

Image via the Pokémon Company

You can only use Pokémon that do not exceed more than 1,500 CP. In addition, you are limited to only using Bug, Electric, Fire, Grass, or Water-type Pokémon. This will restrict your team choices, but you still have a variety of useful options to pick from, especially if you’re looking to counter your opponent in Pokémon Go.

Luxray (Shadow), Munchlax, and Magcargo

Luxray is a solid Electric-type Pokémon, capable of doing heavy damage against any Flying or Water-types you encounter in this competition. The shadow version will be a better option for you to use, especially if you pair it with Munchlax and Magcargo. Munchlax is generally a safe option, but you can swap it out for Snorlax if you have a good one in your back pocket in Pokémon Go. Finally, Magcargo is another solid Pokémon, capable of taking out any Flying-types that could appear.

  • Luxray (Shadow): Spark (fast move), Wild Charge, and Psychic Fangs
  • Munchlax: Tackle (fast move), Body Slam, and Bulldoze
  • Magcargo: Incinerate (fast move), Stone Edge, and Overheat

Diggersby, Galvantula, and Jumpluff

Diggersby is a powerful Normal and Ground-type Pokémon, capable of taking out any Electric or Fire-types you encounter in Pokémon Go, and there will be plenty of them in the Summer Cup. You might want to begin a battle using Galvantula and swap to Diggersby because both are suitable as the first Pokémon. However, Jumpluff is excellent as the final Pokémon, with a heavy defense capable of doing damage with Grass and Flying-type moves.

  • Diggersby: Mud Shot (fast move), Fire Punch, and Earthquake
  • Galvantula: Volt Switch (fast move), Cross Poison, and Lunge
  • Jumpluff: Bullet Seed (fast move), Energy Ball, and Acrobatics

Dubwool, Charizard (Shadow), and Chansey

If you’re looking to surprise your opponent in Pokémon Go’s Summer Cup, Dubwool is a good unexpected choice that you can use. Typically overlooked, Dubwool can do exceptionally well in this competition, especially alongside Charizard (Shadow), and Chansey. Chansey is a superb final Pokémon capable of enduring a lot of damage at the Great League level, and doing a good amount of damage itself.

  • Dubwool: Double Kick (fast move), Body Slam, and Wild Charge
  • Charizard (Shadow): Wing Attack (fast move), Blast Burn, and Dragon Claw
  • Chansey: Zen Headbutt (fast move), Psychic, and Hyper Beam

Cradily, Vigoroth, and Emolga

Cradily is another solid Pokémon to use in these battles, and it sticks out even better if you pair it with Vigoroth and Emolga. Vigoroth has become a competitive favorite by multiple players in Pokémon Go, and it’s really going to shine in the Summer Cup. We cannot stress enough that we want to see teams take advantage of this amazing Pokémon, or prepare to face off against it during these battles.

  • Cradily: Bullet Seed (fast move), Rock Slide, and Grass Knot
  • Vigoroth: Counter (fast move), Body Slam, and Bulldoze
  • Emolga: Thunder Shock (fast move), Discharge, and Acrobatics

Pidgeot, Charjabug, and Swampert

Our final team comprises Pidgeot, ad robust Flying and Normal-type Pokémon, and an excellent Lead Pokémon. The best way to use Pidgeot is to have it in front and turn it into an aggressive choice for your Pokémon Go team. We want you to back it up using Charjabug and Swampert, some reasonable choices that should help round out your team for the Summer Cup battles. Swampert is always an excellent choice, but watch for its Grass-type weakness.

  • Pidgeot: Wing Attack (fast move), Feather Dance, and Brave Bird
  • Charjabug: Spark (fast move), X-Scissor, and Discharge
  • Swampert: Mud Shot (fast move), Hydro Cannon, and Earthquake