The best PvP factions for Total War: Warhammer 3

No room for friends here.

image via Sega

Total War: Warhammer III has a completely revamped online setup. Up to eight players can work together or compete to conquer all four Realms of Chaos. Half of the playable factions are mortal kingdoms and, by default, are at war with all of the Chaos factions. These are the best factions to use for a PvP campaign.

1- Tzeentch and Grand Cathay (Miao Ying)

Miao Ying starts with the Great Bastion wall next to her capital city. This fortified series of gates borders a wasteland that spawns Chaos armies regularly. One of her key campaign mechanics is defending the wall against waves of Chaos armies. Tzeentch begins their campaign on the other side of the Great Bastion just to the south.

Tzeentch and their plans to spread corruption provide a natural foil to Miao Ying attempting to secure her walls. Cathay is under a full siege even when the Realms of Chaos portals open with the constant threat of never-ending Chaos armies and Tzeentch support.

Their natural starting position and campaign mechanics pit Miao and Tzeentch against each other for nearly the entire campaign. Tzeentch has excellent spells to attack her defenses, while Miao and her substantial range is effective versus the flying units Tzeentch produces.

For an excellent PvP campaign, no pair of factions clash like Miao Ying of Grand Cathay and Tzeentch.

2- Kislev and Khorne

Kislev is considered by Creative Assembly the go-to campaign for new players. They have a good starting position, powerful units, and versatile heroes. Khorne starts nearby and is used as a tutorial enemy faction early in her campaign.

Khorne is the best melee faction in Warhammer III. Unfortunately, Khorne doesn’t have a single ranged unit. The lack of any ranged capability is key to his design. His front-line fighters are some of the best in the game and a natural counter to Kislev’s various legendary lords and army units.

Using these two factions in PvP is a fantastic experience for newcomers to Warhammer III or Total War in general. Both sections are easy to use, and the fire and visual ice styles make it a natural competitive fit.

3- Chaos Factions vs Mortal Empires

The ultimate PvP option isn’t easy to get started but provides a ton of fun. Warhammer III features up to eight players now for multiplayer, with the ability to assign forced teams.

Getting a large group together, ideally four to eight players, and doing a massive team battle is tremendous fun. The grand campaign with two teams competing over land and the four Chaos souls is an experience, unlike Total War PvP has ever experienced.

Assign one team to the Chaos factions and the other dedicated to Mortal Empires. These factions are natural enemies, to begin with, and the group dynamics lend themselves well to massive group siege battles.

PvP is an interesting way to go at a Total War campaign. The expanded player count and simultaneous turns create fun and dynamic PvP matches. These pairings are some of the best to try out.