The best settings for Garena Free Fire

Dominate the battefield with these settings.

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As much as the loot and skills matter in a battle royale game like Garena Free Fire, having the best settings that suit your gameplay is important before entering a match. The in-game settings in Free Fire are divided into five subcategories: basic, sensitivity, controls, auto pickup, and sound settings.

Although every player is comfortable with a different set of settings, we have listed the ones widely used across the community and will suit most of the players. The players can navigate to the settings section to customize these accordingly.

Basic Settings

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  • Graphics: Standard (Ultra, if you have a high-end device)
  • Language: Choose the one that you know the best
  • Notch Screen: Turn on if your device has a notch display and the game is not running on full screen.
  • Minimap: Rotating

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Sensitivity Settings

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  • General: 48
  • Red Dot: 70
  • 2x Scope: 65
  • 4x Scope: 59
  • AWM Scope: 60


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  • Aim Precision: Precise on Scope
  • Left Fire Button: Scope Only
  • Quick Switch Weapon: On
  • Quick Reload: On
  • AWM Sniping: Normal
  • Vehicle Controls: Two-Handed
  • Auto-Parachute: On
  • In-Game Tips: Simplified
  • Damage Indicator: Classic
  • Auto Switch Gun: Off
  • Visual Effects: Dark
  • Hitmarker: Classic

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Auto Pickup

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  • Weapons: On
  • Armor and Backpacks: On
  • Medkits: On
  • Ammo: On
  • Attachments: On
  • Grenades: Off
  • Special Equipments: Off
  • Event Items: On
  • Auto Pickup Speed: Default Speed


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  • Music: 0
  • Sound Effects: 100
  • Voice: 100

Original article by Joey Carr, update by Rabia Sayal.