The best skins for Seer in Apex Legends

See and be seen.

Best Seer Skins

Images via Respawn

Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence gave us Legend Obi “Seer” Edolasim. Seer is a lot of different things: stealthy, tactful, cursed, queer, careful, smart, and… fashionable? Yes, he may be a fierce fighter in the ring, but he’d be even fiercer on the runway. Seer has iconic moves, an iconic look, and a plethora of awesome skins. Seer may see all, but he also clearly wants to be seen too with looks so fresh. Here are all of Seer’s best skins in Apex Legends.

Year-Round Legendary Skins

Seer Standard Legendary skins
Images via Respawn
  • Titan Tested
  • Plain Sight
  • Afrofuturism
  • Tiger Eyes

Seer’s Legendary skins are all high sci-fi inspired: the first set looking like a bionic soldier of sorts, and the second set looking like he walked out of his own Afrofuturistic IP. Our favorite skin here is definitely Tiger-Eyes, but Titan Tested has a great color scheme that suits Seer well, and Afrofuturism is also pretty cool.

Other standout skins

Other Seer Skins
Images via Respawn
  • Heart of Gold (Rare)
  • Heartthrob (Legendary)
  • Check Me Out (Rare)
  • Curtain Call (Rare)

Honestly, all of these skins are awesome. Even though the Launch Bundle skin, Heartthrob, is the only Legendary in this lot, the colors on the others are so eye-catching that you’d be lucky to cop any of them. Heart of Gold is from the Premium Battle Pass, Metamorphosis is from the Starter pack, and Check Me Out is a Twitch Prime skin.