The best solo classes in Dark and Darker

What class should you be playing when you’re going into a dungeon alone?


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When you start your Dark and Darker adventure, there are a handful of classes you can pick from for your starting character. Each class has unique skills, weapon permissions, and talents they can use to survive the dangerous dungeons awaiting them. Although we recommend playing this game with friends, for those who want to brave these dangerous perils alone, you may want to figure out the best class to use if you’re playing solo. Here’s what you need to know about the best solo classes in Dark and Darker.

What are the best solo classes in Dark and Darker?

There are six classes you select in Dark and Darker: Barbarian, Fighter, Rogue, Ranger, Wizard, and Cleric. Of those six, we believe the Fighter, Rogue, and Cleric are the best solo classes for you to pick from.


The Cleric is a mix between Fighter and Wizard. This class does favor its melee weapons, primarily blunt weapons and a shield, but it also has access to multiple helpful spells, especially those that deal with healing. Although it is an excellent solo class, you can also expect to have one you bring to parties to act as the team’s supporter, keeping everyone alive. Not everyone will be comfortable using a Cleric as their primary fighter and leading the charge, but with some well-timed coordination, it can keep you out of a tight spot.


The Fighter is the jack-of-all-trades combatant, capable of using nearly every weapon you find while exploring a dungeon. Even though this class heavily relies on the equipment and items you find, for those who enjoy exploring and picking up various potions and items, it’s an excellent class to go through by yourself. However, you do need to be careful because the Fighter does not have access to any magical attacks.


The Rogue is a highly tricky class because it lacks the hefty strength and health of the Cleric and the Fighter. The Rogue’s distinct advantage is how quickly it can use many of its weapons, interact with various objects and lootable items throughout the dungeon, and how quiet it can be while sneaking around. You may need to watch your footsteps while playing this class, but if you can master the art of getting the drop on your foes, NPC, and players alike, the Rogue can be an effective assassin that strikes from the shadows.