The best suits to invest in for Marvel’s Spider-Man

There are a bunch of suits available to unlock and craft in Spider-Man, and they each come with their own unique abilities.

Of the 28 suits available, a large portion of them come with abilities that are either dependent on that suit or can be used with others freely. Each ability, or Suit Power, is unique, and some are better than others.

This list provides a small sample of suits that you should consider grabbing as quickly as possible to give you an edge over the various foes you’ll find in-game. Once you’ve figured out the right suit for you, go out and use this power to make the world a better place. Just remember to be responsible.

Battle Focus (Advanced Suit)

The PS4’s standard Spider-Man costume offers the best starting ability you could ask for. The ability to gradually gain focus in and out of battle to heal, pull off finishers, and get a great line of defense makes it perfect to use from start to finish.

Web Blossom (Classic Suit Repaired)

The Web Blossom ability launches you into the air to spray dozens of webs toward enemies around you. It’s the ideal way to get rid of a bunch of foes in a single blow and soar through some parts of the game. This suit is definitely worth keeping tabs on.

Arms Race (Secret War Suit)

Sooner or later, you’re going to be surrounded by enemies shooting at you from all angles. So an ability that stuns these enemies and disables their weapons is good to have on your side when the time comes.

Quad Damage (Fear Itself Suit)

As the name suggests, Quad Damage greatly increases your melee damage for a temporary amount of time. This allows you to destroy some foes, and even bosses, in half as much time as usual.

Iron Arms (Iron Spider Suit)

This suit is more cool than useful, but it’s still effective in picking off large waves of foes. This makes it pretty handy for all the forts scattered across Manhattan. Just like in the Infinity War movie, you sprout two extra iron arms that give you great combat prowess.