The best teams for the Premier Cup in Pokémon Go

The Premier Cup brings the best of the best.

Image via Niantic

The Premier Cup releases alongside the Master League in Pokémon Go. Both of these leagues will be available for two weeks. The two different leagues are incredibly similar to one another, and follow the same rules, except the Master League allows trainers to use Mythical Pokémon, whereas the Premier Cup prohibits it. You won’t be able to use any of your Mythical Pokémon against other trainers, but it does not have a CP limit. Without the use of Mythical Pokémon in your roster, you have a handful of options you should focus on when attempting to have the best chances against other players.

Swampert, Garchomp, and Metagross

Metagross will be an extremely face for those in the Premier Cup because of easy it is to acquire. Many trainers have likely captured it over the last few months because they have participated in battle league fights and earned it as a random encounter. It’s an excellent choice, and alongside Garchomp, a Dragon and Ground-type and Swampert, a Water and Ground-type, it’s a unique way to take down nearly any opponent. These three cover each other’s weaknesses extraordinarily well.

  • Swampert: It should know mud shot and hydro cannon and earthquake
  • Garchomp: It should know dragon tail and outrage and fire blast
  • Metagross: It should know bullet punch meteor mash and psychic

Electivire, Escavalier, and Dragonite

These are an odd choice, but given what most trainers are likely to have available in the Premier Cup, they make complete sense. Electivire is an Electric-type, and you want to be able to take down powerful Water-type Pokémon, such as Gyarados and notable Flying-types, such as Togekiss. Electivire has a variety of Electric-type moves you can use. If backed by Escavalier, a Bug and Steel-type, and Dragonite, a Flying and Dragon-type, you should be able to take out its notable counters Metagross and Magnezone.

  • Electivire: It should know thunder shock and wild charge and ice punch
  • Escavalier: It should know counter and megahorn and drill run
  • Dragonite: It should know dragon breath and dragon claw and hurricane

Magnezone, Rhyperior, and Torterra

Your main goal in this combination is to stop any Gyarados and Swampert Pokémon teams from coming in to sweep out your Magnezone, an Electric and Steel-type, and Rhyperior, a Ground and Rock-type, so you want to have your Torterra as the last option. Torterra, a Grass and Ground-type, will be excellent against a majority of choices, but it will fall short against Togekiss, Dragonite, and Metagross. Of your three options, you likely want to open up with Rhyperior, and then switch to another Pokémon if you need to do so. You probably don’t want to waste any of your shields on Rhyperior, either.

  • Magnezone: It should know spark and mirror shot and wild charge
  • Rhyperior: It should know mud slap or smack down and rock wrecker and surf
  • Torterra: It should know razor leaf and frenzy plant and earthquake

Gardevoir, Heracross, and Arcanine

Those using a Gardevoir, the Psychic and Fairy-type, can expect to see it frequently used to take down several Fighting-type Pokémon, along with Dragon-types that you will encounter in the Premier Cup. Unfortunately, a lot of supporting Pokémon helping those specific choices will be able to counter Gardevoir. You will want to use Heracross, a Bug and Fighting-type, and Arcanine, a Fire-type, to help round out everyone’s weaknesses. You’d do best by opening up with Heracross, and keeping Gardevoir in reserve for the Dragon and Fighting-types, your opponent, could have.

  • Gardevoir: It should know charm and synchronoise and shadow ball
  • Heracross: It should know counter and megahorn and close combat
  • Arcanine: It should know fire fang and wild charge and crunch

Machamp, Hippowdon, and Garchomp

The final combination we’re going to discuss focuses on Machamp, Hippowdon, and Garchomp. You will find these three complements each other exceptionally well, but Machomp, the Fighting-type, and Hippowdon, the Ground-type, share a handful of weaknesses. Still, Garchomp should be able to assist these two, despite being a Ground and Dragon-type. The most significant weaknesses these three will encounter include Togekiss, but a Hippowdon might be your best, so you want to keep it in reserve. You will want to start the encounter using Machamp or Garchomp.

  • Machamp: It should know counter and dynamic punch and rock slide
    Hippowdon: It should know ice fan and body slam and earthquake
  • Garchomp: It should know mud shot and outrage and earth tomb or earthquake