The best tryhard Gamertag and username ideas

Choose the perfect name for esports.

Image via Call of Duty

It is a known fact that there are players worldwide that are just better at video games. However, the people around them need to find out just how good they are at first glance. This is why a sweaty, tryhard Gamertag or username is the best way to let your teammates and enemies know just how good you are. In a world where 99% of usernames are already taken, it can be challenging for the pro gamers of the world to find the best Gamertag for their account. To start your esports career the right way, here are 100 tryhard Gamertag and username ideas, in alphabetical order, that you can use to put all your haters in their place.

100 tryhard/sweaty Gamertags and usernames ideas

If these are somehow taken in the game when you are trying to use them, just play around with them a bit. Most of these tryhard usernames are ideas that play around with basic in-game roasts and trash-talk or are based on really overpowered characters in popular media and history. Also, if you find yourself confused with the ideas that have “(Name)” next to them, that is where you are supposed to write your name or tag.

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