30 of the best cool Roblox user name ideas

The rule of cool always applies.

Image via Roblox

Picking out a user name in any game can be a very important decision. That’s especially true if you’re looking to carry over a term across multiple platforms, establish an identity, or even describe the way you game. In some cases, you just want your user name to sound cool. In Roblox, other players will get to see your user name and it can tell them a lot about you, if you so choose. That’s why it’s important to pick something that you want them to know you by. But if you’re on the fence about which one to pick, then this guide can help you out in choosing some cool Roblox user names.

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How to pick a cool Roblox user name

If you’re looking to make a cool Roblox user name for yourself, there are a few general ideas that you can use to make your own. For example, using the term ‘Blox’ or even ‘Roblox’ in your name can signal that you’re serious about the game. On the other hand, you can prefix almost any term with ‘Cool’ to immediately give it a sense of flair. For example, if you like bananas (who doesn’t?), then you can make your user name CoolBanana for an instant wow factor. You can even combine the two methods and come up with CoolBananaBlox.

Then you can try synonyms. For ‘Cool’ you can go with ‘Chill’ or ‘Ace.’ And for Roblox, you can imply just how cool you are by swapping ‘Blox’ to something like ‘Brix’ or ‘Box.’ You can then just for fun try using your own name or nickname with any other prefixes and suffixes to create something truly unique. Play around with the ideas to get the coolest Roblox name possible.

Cool Roblox user names