The best way to grind coins in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Rake in the coins.

Image via Nintendo

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Coins are a constant in Mario games, but oddly enough, they hardly ever are used as a form of currency. Since the beginning, they have almost always been collectibles or just a way to get an extra life. However, in Mario Strikers: Battle League, you use them to acquire new gear to help your characters perform better on the field. Here is how you can best grind coins in the game.

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How to get coins fast in Mario Strikers: Battle League

You earn coins upon completing matches in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Because of this, there is not necessarily a truly quick way to gather them. That being said, we recommend going through the Champion Cups because you will be taking on more matches that pay out more coins than in other game modes back-to-back. Also, you get a first-time completion bonus of 400 coins per cup. If you have unlocked Galactic Mode, you gain even more there.

  • Quick Battle wins – 20 coins
  • Quick Battel losses – 10 coins
  • Strikers Club wins – 30 coins
  • Strikers Club losses – 15 coins
  • Normal Cup Battle wins – 50 coins
  • Galactic Mode Cup Battle wins – 100 coins

If you are looking for the areas to get a big lump of coins, there are first milestone completions outside of the Champion Cups as well. Here is a complete list:

  • Training Match – 800 coins
  • Finish Normal Mode – 500 coins
  • Galactic Mode first win – 1,000 coins
  • Complete Galactic Mode – 1,000 coins

If you are tired of playing the AI, we recommend battling online opponents in Strikers Club. While this is by no means a more guaranteed way to earn lumps of Coins faster than normal, you will be gaining them faster than you would per match played in Quick Battle against human opponents.