The difference between Legendary mode and Classic mode in Mass Effect Legendary Edition – level scaling guide

Make a choice.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Image via BioWare

Mass Effect Legendary Edition takes the classic Bioware series and gives it a new lick of paint, providing players with a pretty valid excuse to strap on their N7 armor and dive back into the games. There are a number of differences this time, however, chief among them being the Legendary mode or Classic mode choice that all players will need to make.

These choices affect how level scaling works within the games. For example, in the original Mass Effect, two runs through the campaign were required to full level up a character. This is changing somewhat in the next games under the Classic mode. The level range for Classic Mode is still 1-60, but players will essentially move through those levels a little bit faster.

Players who wish to can instead opt to play in Legendary mode. This reworks all the math that is done under the hood, players will accumulate experience at the same rate as Classic mode, and will be able to fully unlock all skills by the end of their first playthrough. The only difference is that the level will be displayed between 1-30, and not 1-60 like in the Classic mode.

It’s an unusual system, and a little confusing, but basically nothing important actually changes, only the number that you see as your level, that is it.