The Division 2: How to Request Help | Asking for and Offering Help

Ubisoft’s latest release The Division 2 encourages players to play the game together as often as possible. Players have the chance to team up with their friends, or they can request assistance from other players whom they have never met. Doing this takes a little bit of time, though. Here’s how you can ask for help in The Division 2, and how you can answer the call for help sent out by other Division agents.

Calling For Help in The Division

Sending Out a Request

If you’re in the middle of a tough mission, don’t hesitate to reach out to other Division agents. Especially if you’re not partied up with any friends. The quickest way to call out for help is jumping into your map screen. You’ll see at the bottom of your screen there’s a distinct button prompt you need to press to send a request for backup. This button varies based on what piece of hardware you’re using.

Once you’ve sent out the request, all you need to do is wait a minute or so, and you should receive a notification about a new party member joining you. Plus, you should see their callsign on your HUD.

Another alternative to calling for help is in your social menu. You should see an option to request for backup, and you’ll follow the same steps as if you were on your game’s map screen. Asking for backup on the map screen is a bit quicker, though.

Answering A Request

When you’re in the middle of a game, you’ll often hear the sound of, “A Division Agent is requesting help in your area,” from your ISAC. When you hear this, you have the opportunity to jump into another player’s game and give them a hand as they play a mission. You’re going to see an “Answer the Call” prompt at the bottom of your screen, and the button varies based on what hardware you’re playing on.

You can also answer this call from the social menu, much like when you request help. Again, doing it from your main HUD is far faster than going through your social menu.

Unfortunately, one of the more annoying things in The Division 2 is hearing the sound of a Division Agent asking for backup, over and over again. It can become repetitive, and when you want to play the game by yourself, it’s annoying. Luckily, you can turn off this sound from your map screen. You’ll see on the bottom left, right next to where you can call for help, you have the option to disable calls for help. Hold the button prompt, and you shouldn’t receive those notifications for the remainder of your game session.

There’s good incentive to answer a Division’s agents call, as you’re going to receive additional experience points and loot for going out of your way.