The Division 2 Faster Cover Movement: Where To Change The “Move Around Corner Speed” Setting

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When you’re roaming around The Division 2, it can feel a little sluggish when you’re having to go into cover and then jump over an object. It’s even worse when you’re in cover, and you need to quickly round a corner, or dash to the next piece of cover when an enemy is coming up on here. However, there are few settings you can adjust to make this process incredibly fast.

The Division 2: Faster Cover Mechanics

Go To Settings

To adjust this, you need to hop into the settings section of your in-game menu. You should see it on the lower right-hand part of your screen. Click on it, and you should see a massive list of different things you can adjust in The Division 2. While it may make sense to go to the Gameplay section to change the cover mechanics, instead, it’s located in the tab labeled Controls. Go here, and you’ll need to scroll almost down near the bottom.

The Big Changes

The Division 2 Cover Movement

You’re going to find settings such as “Parkour Mode”, “Movement Can Exit Cover,” and “Move Around Corner Speed.” Turning on these settings allows your Division agent to quickly bound corners much more swiftly while out in the world, and while in the heat of combat. You may want to turn these settings on and then find a safe area to test them out. If you’ve been playing the game for a while, the adjustment could feel jarring.

The Division 2: How To Move Corner To Corner Quickly

The most significant change you’re going to want to make is the “Move Around Corner Speed,” setting. This setting is automatically set to SLOW, but you want to change it to HIGH. Making this change increases the speed a Division agent moves when moving from cover to cover. Not their actual movement speed, but how long it takes for the button prompt to register before they move. Typically, it takes a couple of seconds to register. Now, you should see it happen almost immediately. Your Division agent can jump from cover to cover with the reflexes of someone who’s seen plenty of firefight action before, and they know what they’re doing.

You won’t feel like you’re stuck in a piece of cover when you have an enemy running up on you. You’re going to change positions so fast; the AI is going to start having trouble keeping track of you.