The Division 2 – How To Leave Your Group When Playing With Others

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The Division 2 is a robust multiplayer looter-shooter, but sometimes you have to leave your group, no matter how much fun you are having. I think it is okay to admit that the inspiration for this guide was my own confusion about how to do so. Read on to find out how to leave your group.

How To Leave Your Group

Main Menu

When playing with other people, should you wish to leave your group, go to the main game menu. From there, double click on the small Social tab on the left-hand side.

Social Menu

The social screen will list the names of everyone in your group in the upper left-hand corner. Double click on your own name and two options will populate below the Group Management section on the right side. Double click on “Leave Group” and you will be loaded back into your own instance of the game, in the nearest Control Point or Safe House.

And that’s it! Not complicated, but not obvious, so I hope you found this guide helpful.