The Division 2: Muting Other Players

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Getting into a party is essential in The Division 2. Having multiple party members means it’s far more difficult for the enemy NPCs to flank you or outmaneuver you because this game is challenging to play by yourself. However, because you’re partying up with strangers you may not want to speak with them over voice chat, especially if they don’t have their microphone set to push-to-talk. Here’s how you can mute other players in The Division 2, and set your microphone to push-to-talk.

Muting Players in The Division 2

Social Menu

The Division 2’s voice chat system is robust, and works well if you want to speak with strangers you want to take on a mission with. When you’re in a brand new party, you’ll probably hear them as soon as they jump in, if they don’t have push-to-talk activated. You do need to go a little out of your way to mute them, though.

While in a party, go into your social menu by clicking the main menu button. For PC players, this is the escape button, and for other platforms this is the touchpad for the PlayStation 4 and the start button for Xbox One players. When you have it up, go to the social menu, located on the left side, and click on it. From there, highlight over your entire party and you should see a button prompt on the bottom of your screen allowing you to mute the entire party. Mute the party, and you should no longer hear from them for the remainder of the session. However, you need to do this for every party you join.

The Division 2 Muting Your Microphone

In this same menu, you can click on yourself and mute your microphone. This is an excellent method if you do not want to permanently turn off your microphone when you play with your friends, but it keeps you turned off when you enter a random party.

Microphone Options Menu

The Division 2 Microphone Options

To change your microphone settings, go to your main settings menu, which you can find on the lower right of the first screen you were at before you entered the social options. It should clearly read Settings, right next to the in-game store. You’ll see a wide array of options, but luckily everything you need to control your microphone is located under the audio menu.

From here you change the group volume, proximity volume, permanently turn off your microphone, change what microphone transmits to the game, and, at the bottom of the audio menu you can enable push-to-talk. Unfortunately, unless you put the group volume down all the way, you’re always going to hear your party members. Every time you enter a new group you’re going to consistently return to the social menu to turn off group chat.