The Outer Worlds: What Flaws are Worth It?


Not everything is going to give you a bonus or an advantage in The Outer Worlds. If you continually do an adverse action in the game, your character is going to get some side effects from those activities in a mechanic called Flaws. Now, you do not have to accept a flaw. You can choose not to have it and continue playing. But if you say yes to one, then you’re moving forward through a rocky road of trouble. You can only get three in the normal difficulty, four in the harder, and five in Supernova. Here are the worthwhile flaws to get in your game.

The Outer Worlds: What Flaws are Worth It?

Now, none of the flaws are going to provide you improves in the slightest. Getting a flaw means you’re going to get an additional perk point, but beyond it you’re not going to get much. You can also earn an achievement of having three of them on a single character, so there’s that if you’re interested in filling those out.

These flaws are going to cause your character to take a permanent toll on their skills, affecting how they fight in combat or act in particular situations. If you’re looking to find the best one to grab without ruining your game too much, then here’s what we know regarding the ones currently in the game.


You’re going to receive this flaw from getting attacked by Canids too many times in the game. Now, whenever your character sees one, they’re going to lose two points in perception and one to their temperament. Of the choices, players are going to want to grab this one because it’s to a specific animal. The animals are not the biggest threat in the game, so if you have to not do well at something, it’s better to be an NPC you seldom deal with in combat.

Drug Addiction

You’re going to get this flaw by taking too many drugs back to back. Your character now has an addiction and goes through withdrawals whenever they don’t have any for too long and is going to suffer a negative point to their dexterity score. Your character also takes a negative point to Perception and Temperament. Of the choices, it’s not too bad of an exchange. Drugs are not extremely difficult to locate, and players can receive different benefits for taking them.


You’re going to acquire this flaw from getting attacked too many times from Mantisaurs and Mantipillars in the game. Much like Cynophobia, it’s better to choose a defect that’s only going to become a problem to you when fighting a specific enemy, which are the Mantisaurs and Mantipillars, in this case. You should get this one if you’re looking for any to add to your character’s already growing issues.

Physical Damage Weakness

You’re going to receive this flaw by getting hit multiple times from the enemy’s physical attacks. You’re going only to want to acquire this if you’re more of a ranged combatant and prefer to fight with a gun. If you’re leaning towards a 1-handed or 2-handed playthrough with your character, this is a terrible option. You’re far more likely to get hit in close quarters combat than with a gun. It’s far easier for you to keep a healthy distance with your opponents.


You’re going to get this flaw by getting attacked too many times by Primals. The Primals are a nasty enemy, and you’re going to receive a negative point to Dexterity, Perception, and Temperament when you fight them. Again, the same reason for Cynophobia, Herpetophobia, and Rapiphobia, it’s better to get a flaw against a specific creature than have it be universal.


You’re going to get the final flaw by getting attacked too many times from Raptidons. Your character is going to receive a negative point to their Willpower, Endurance, and Temperament. Animals are annoying, but these brief encounters are not going to define the rest of the game and cause horrible issues for you moving forward. Taking this flaw for the perk slot is significantly going to increase you overall than it is going to cause problems.

Those are all of the major flaws to acquire if you’re looking to get an extra perk point for your character. Don’t hesitate to check out more deficiencies if you’re curious about what else you can do to make your character’s time in the Halycon Colonies even worse.