The Outer Worlds: Can You Holster your Weapon?


Are you endlessly roaming the beautiful environment of The Outer Worlds, wondering when it’s a good time to save and continue another day? That’s the secret to Obsidian Entertainment’s latest RPG title. There’s too much fun going to find the ideal time to put it down. Getting sucked into The Outer Worlds is easy. Because it’s an RPG title, players are running around cities and speaking to NPCs. During this, the player’s characters are holding out their weapons. Is it possible to holster them?

Can You Holster Weapons in The Outer Worlds?

There’s no prompt every telling the players they have the choice to put their weapon away. Someone could go the entire game and always have their weapon out, ready for the next fight to hit them from around the corner. For those who get immersed in their RPG games, this is a little tedious and breaks that level of fun. Luckily, there’s a way to do. You can put your weapon away in the game.

Holstering Weapons in The Outer Worlds

To do so, all you need to is hold the reload button for a couple of seconds. If your gun needs ammunition, it’s going to put more bullets into it immediately. After that, hold it again, and you should find that your weapon gets tucked away out of view. You’re still going to have the small dot in the middle of the screen showing where your character is aiming. But you lose the menace of having the weapon, brandishing to NPCs you encounter.

It’s a simple little thing. Not ever every character enjoys seeing the weapon in every place they enter. It doesn’t make sense for their character to have the weapon ready to go in the middle of a peaceful city unless they’re already prepared to start trouble. For most players, this is not the case.

Now you know how to holster your weapon in the game, and you can freely wander around the cities in The Outer Worlds without getting weird looks. For players who get truly into their RPG titles, it makes sense only to have a weapon out while they’re exploring or getting into a fight. Otherwise, it feels weird.