The Outer Worlds – How To Respec Your Character


The Outer Worlds gives you all kinds of freedom when it comes to building your character. You have a range of skills and perks to level up and can build yourself into a sneaky ninja, a silver-tongued charmer, or an utter psychopath who likes to chop people up. If you make a mistake or wish to explore a different build, you can respec your character. Doing so is a simple process; you need to find the right machine in-game to do it.

The Outer Worlds – How To Respec Your Character

Vocational Competence Respecification Machine

Respeccing in The Outer Worlds is done by using a Vocational Competence Respecification Machine. These can be found in settlements throughout the game, but the easiest one to use is actually on your own ship. Right after entering the ship, turn left into the bay area, then climb that ladder at the far end, and follow around to the left to the get to the VCRM.

The first respec will cost 500 Bits, and the price will increase each time you use it. There is no limit on how many times you can do it, as long as you can afford to keep paying the cost in Bits. It’s a good idea to think carefully about what you want to upgrade each time you level up because using too many Bits on respeccing might prove to be a bit of a waste.

You need Bits to do a lot of things in the game, so it is best not to use them all up respeccing. If you want to respec, but cannot find a VCRM, you can fast travel back to your ship. You can fast travel by just opening your map, finding your ship on it, and clicking to bring up the fast travel option. This will bring you straight back to the ship, and you can then respec.