The Outer Worlds – How To Save The Game


The Outer Worlds might look extremely pretty, but it is also perilous. Death is a constant threat in this particular part of space, so knowing how to save your game is of utmost importance.

The Outer Worlds – How To Save The Game

The first thing to know is that The Outer Worlds does have an auto-save system. It kicks in pretty regularly too. When you complete a mission or an important quest step, the game will auto-save. Every time the game uses the auto-save function, you will see a small icon appear in the bottom right of the screen.

If you are at an essential part of a mission and don’t want to risk losing any progress, you can also choose to save manually. On PC, you need to hit the Esc key, and then select the Save Game option from the menu. Pick a save slot you wish to use, and you are good to go.

On Xbox One, hit the Menu button, then the Save Game option, and if you are on PS4, hit the Options button, then Save Game. Just like on PC, pick the save slot you wish to use, and it will save the game at that exact point in time for you.

If you are challenging yourself by playing on Supernova difficulty, the rules are a little different. Auto-save is far more limited, and won’t happen as often, and you can only manually save when you are at your ship. This difficulty adds another element of danger to the game toughest challenge, so don’t be caught off guard by it.

If you need help with other parts of the game, we have lots of useful guides to help you out. If you need to know how to fast travel, where to get more ammo, or how to change the difficulty setting, then we have you covered.

Best of luck in your new life as a colonist!