Does The Outer Worlds Have Romance Options?


The Outer Worlds is a vibrant RPG experience created by Obsidian Entertainment, the creative minds behind Fallout: New Vegas. While it’s been a great deal of time since their Fallout title came out, it’s still fondly remembered to this day. Many reviewers see a clear connection between the two games. Like many solid RPG experiences, players are wondering if they have the option to connect with their companions and develop a romance with them. Is it possible in The Outer Worlds?

Does The Outer Worlds have Romance Options?

The Outer Worlds is a big game. While it’s not entirely an open-world game, Obsidian made it clear they wanted players to approach every quest with an open mind, encouraging exploration and creative thinking. A lot of the creative thinking boils down to how a player wants to play their game, and companions play a crucial component in it. Obsidian did not want players to limit their choices based on who they could romance and who they couldn’t.

Taking this into account, the developers decided not to go with any romance options for the companions or any of the other NPCs. There’s no love in this part of the galaxy, unfortunately. The reason for this choice was to prevent players from automatically choosing or immediately having a companion around they could extend the relationship with and create something. Without any romance options, they wanted to liberate players and their choice.

It’s unlikely Obsidian is going to add these options in the future with any DLC or expansions for the game. While it may disappoint others, it does mean they have a bit more flexibility for who they take around. Sure, some characters might rub players the wrong way or not fit with their playstyle, but that’s never an issue. There’s always the opportunity for a player to create a brand new character and find the previously hated or disliked companions now work as their best friend.

The choices remain open in The Outer Worlds. Players merely need to find it. If players have any questions about the game while they’re playing, check out the Codex for further details. We also outlined how to use the Tactical Time Dilation properly, how to respec your character, make bits fast, and if the game has cross-save or not.

Good luck out there.