The Sinnoh Cup tier list in Pokemon Go

The best Pokémon for you to select for the Sinnoh Cup.

Image via Niantic

The Sinnoh Cup in Pokémon Go is an excellent opportunity to try out some Battle League combinations you usually wouldn’t use in a traditional format. In this competition, you are only allowed to use any Pokémon from #387 to #493, specifically from the Sinnoh region, as the cup title implies. In addition, none of these Pokémon can exceed 1,500 CP, limiting your choices even further. We’ll cover the tier list for the Sinnoh Cup in Pokémon Go in this guide.

The Sinnoh Cup will be alongside the Great League competition from January 10 to 24.

Sinnoh Cup tier list

Lead tier list

The Lead Pokémon will be the first choice that you use against your opponent. You want to make a selection with decent defensive stats and enough attack power to deal some damage during a fight. You typically want to reserve at least one shield for them, or you can choose to use none of them. These are all of the best Pokémon that we’ve ranked in the Lead role for the Sinnoh Cup.

SDrifblim, Froslass, Gastrodon, Lucario, Magnezone, Pachirisu, Togekiss, and Toxicroak
AAbomasnow, Drifloon, Electivire, Garchomp, Gliscor, Gippowdon, Luxray, and Roserade
BBastiodon, Cherrim, Cresselia, Drapion, Gallade, Honchkrow, Monferno, and Skuntank
CBronzong, Grotle, Magmortar, Mamoswine, Matyke, Probopass, Tangrowth, and Torterra
DAzelf, Bibarel, Dusknoir, Glaceon, Rhyperior, Shellos, Spirtomb, and Uxie

Switch tier list

The Switch Pokémon role is the option that you’ll swap out for your first Pokémon. You may want to use this Pokémon to serve as a counter to any Pokémon that will beat your Lead Pokémon or acts as the counter for all of your Pokémon options. You typically want to reserve both of your shields for your Switch choice, or at least one of them. These are some of the best Pokémon to use for the Switch role.

SAbomasnow, Cresselia, Drapion, Electivire, Lucario, Luxray, Magnezone, and Munchlax
ABonsly, Empoleon, Froslass, Gallade, Garchomp, Gliscor, Hippowdon, and Lickilicky
BElectivire, Leafeon, Magmortar, Monferno, Pachirisu, Skuntank, Togekiss, and Toxicroak
CBibarel, Drifblim, Kricketune, Probopass, Purugly, Torterra, Tangrowth, Vespiquen
DAmbipom, Glaceon, Grastrodon, Honchkrow, Infernape, Mamoswine, Roserade, and Spirtomb

Closer tier list

The final list covers all of the Closing Pokémon. The Pokémon in this role will be the final option you use against your opponent, so you want them to have exceptionally high defenses and to be the bulkiest option in your line-up. It also helps to make sure they can do some heavy damage too. These Pokémon do not require any shields to be helpful in a battle. These are the best Pokémon you can place in the Closer role.

SBastiodon, Electivire, Froslass, Gallade, Gastrodon, Lickilicky, Lucario, and Uxie
ABronzong, Gliscor, Infernape, Magmortar, Magnezone, Pachirisu, Toxicroak, Wormadam
BAbomasnow, Drapion, Empoleon, Hippowdon, Honchkrow, Luxray, Skuntank, and Spirtomb
CBibarel, Carnivine, Drifblim, Dusknoir, Mamoswine, Probopass, Staraptor, and Tangrowth
DDusknoir, Leafeon, Lumineon, Monferno, Rhyperior, Torterra, Vespiquen, and Weavile,