The three green star locations for World 3-6, Mount Must Dash in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

Gotta go fast.

Green stars in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury can be obtained in various ways. Some are as simple as taking a route to find them hidden in a corner. Others require the players to eliminate an enemy holding onto it. Regardless of the means to get it, if you want to get that 100% completion, you need to find every single one. In World 3-6, Mount Must Dash (beautiful pun), all three green stars can be easily missed because you run through the course as fast as possible. Here is how to grab all three stars in this level.

Before we begin, the final star in this course will require you to be in either the Tanooki or Catsuit power-ups. The Catsuit is better as you do not need to time a jump like with the Tanooki, but either can pull it off.

At the beginning of the level, follow the racetrack until it splits into two different routes. The first green star is positioned on the lower path. When you come to it, don’t jump until you grab it. If you jump before then, there is a chance you will leap over it and need to redo the course again for it.

After you reach the checkpoint flag, you climb a steep hill. On the other side of it are a group of flying Biddybuds circling a purple box. Jump in it to start a trial where you need to chase down a rabbit and grab the green star it is holding. You need to use the dash pads and cut them off. The timer doesn’t stop until you grab the star, so be quick.

The final green star is located further down the track. Continue along with it until you go down a slide. If you are in a Tanooki suit, you need to bounce off the jump pad and hover to the star on the other side. If you are in a Catsuit, simply climb the wall at the platform’s base without going into the orange box.