Total War Three Kingdoms How General Duels Work

A fresh new feature in Total War Three Kingdoms is for your generals to have the opportunity to face off against the enemy’s leader in a one-on-one fight in the middle of the massive battle. Winning this contest of strength is a great way to provide your army with a boost of morale and support during the campaign, especially if you’re a little uneasy about your odds. We’re going to break down essential details about how the duels work and when’s a good time to initiate them. It’s important to note you can only perform general fights while playing the Romance campaign.

Total War Three Kingdoms General Duels

How Do They Work?

You can start a general duel throughout the time you’re overseeing the main battle. The fight is between a chosen general on your side, and one of the generals on the enemy’s side. The two square off in a one-on-one battle, and the victory takes down the other, providing a boost to the victor’s side and increasing the chances for their army to win the day.

The best way to describe the duel is like a movie fight between the story’s main protagonist and the villain. The two are squaring off against each other while a massive battle between opposing armies happens around them. If you’re not too busy guiding your troops, it’s worth taking a peak to watch the two fighters duke it out in a battle of pure strength.

You may want to watch the duel, regardless because there’s a health bar for both sides above the battle. You’ll be able to see how well the fighters are doing based on how large the green, or red for your enemy, bar is above the duel. The bigger bar they have, the more health they have, the higher the likelihood of them succeeding.

When Should You Do a Duel?

You’ll want to hit the duel button before the main combat starts, or in the middle of the big fight. You don’t want to do it near the end of the battle when it provides you least benefit. The earlier you initiate the conflict, the more helpful that duel is going to be for your troops overall. It’s a huge morale boost, and it demoralizes your enemies. Not only are you going to find the entire battle easier because there’s one less powerful enemy on the field, but the minion enemies are having a harder time trying to put up a fight.