Tips to complete The Final Push in World War Z: Aftermath

Take back Rome.


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The Final Push is the third and final Chapter in World War Z: Aftermath Episode 6: Rome. In it, you’ll push back against the Zekes for the very last time and finally, retake the city of Rome for humanity. This guide covers how to complete the mission and offers some tips and tricks to use along the way.

Step 1: Battle to the Spanish Steps

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As with most missions, this one has a slow start to it. All you need to do is fight through the streets until you reach the Spanish Steps. Keep an eye out for weapons and supplies along the way because your first encounter is a tough one. Once you’re at the Spanish Steps, set up as many defenses as you can. The goal here is to lure the Zekes towards you while you defend the position.

Shoot the Zekes as they try to climb up to your level. If they get up, they’ll make life extremely difficult. It’s best to thin the numbers with machine guns or heavy weapons as they approach, but use whatever you have at your disposal to kill them off. After the two waves, you’ll need to go down into the pit to turn on a switch. This will attract even more Zekes but also open a door for you to exit through.

Step 2: Get to the Colosseum

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The Colosseum is a short run from your first encounter. You’ll travel through a graveyard and an incredible fence tunnel where hundreds of Zekes are swarming over your head. When you finally reach the Colosseum, you’ll see where they were heading. There’s a vast pit in the ground that’s full of fire, and the Zekes are jumping onto it. This is how you’ll clear out the city, but you need to defend the engineers while they keep the signal running.

As with every encounter, set up all of your defenses as fast as possible and prepare for a tough fight. The Zekes will swarm up from the fiery pit in front of you and climb up to your level. Keep the numbers down with as much firepower as you can. If they climb up and overwhelm you, the mission will be over pretty quickly. Each swarm lasts for quite a while, so pace yourself and stock up on ammo in the breaks between fights.

Once two swarms are done, the engineers will need to fix up some of the equipment. You need to guard them while they do this. Otherwise, they’ll be killed. This is the most critical part of the mission to get right because you could end up losing in the final second. Protect the engineer in two different positions for a few minutes until they get the equipment back online. The last action you need to perform is pressing a button to drop a massive bomb on all the Zekes in the city, taking it back for humanity once and for all.