The top 10 best rookies in Madden 22

Some newbies are coming to Madden.

Image via EA Sports

Madden 22 season is officially here, and that means a chance to take a look at what EA Sports thinks of the league’s newest players. The NFL Draft for 2021 took place back in April, meaning that this will be the first game that Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, and Ja’Marr Chase will be in a Madden game. But what does EA think of these players? Let’s take a look at the best rookies in Madden 22.

Here’s a look at the top ten:

  1. Kyle Pitts, TE: 81 OVR (Falcons)
  2. Trevor Lawrence, QB: 78 OVR (Jaguars)
  3. Jaylen Waddle, WR: 76 OVR (Dolphins)
  4. Patrick Surtain II, CB: 76 OVR (Broncos)
  5. Najee Harris, HB: 76 OVR (Steelers)
  6. Greg Newsome II, CB: 76 OVR (Browns)
  7. Travis Etienne Jr., HB: 76 OVR (Jaguars)
  8. Devonta Smith, WR: 75 OVR (Eagles)
  9. Ja’Marr Chase, WR: 75 OVR (Bengals)
  10. Zach Wilson, QB: 75 OVR (Jets)

This list is pretty loaded with players from the offensive side of the ball, and that really shouldn’t be too much of a shock. Eight of the ten picks from the 2021 NFL Draft were offense players, and many of those individuals made this list. One who did not, but did tie a few of the names on this list, was Lions lineman Penai Sewell, who will start the year as a 75 OVR player.

Interestingly enough, though, is that the top pick from the Draft, Trevor Lawrence, will not start the year as the highest-rated rookie. Falcons rookie Kyle Pitts, who was selected fourth overall, will at 81 OVR.