The 5 best Minecraft tower designs

Some of the best tower designs we have found on the internet.

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One of the most endearing things about Minecraft is that it gives the player complete freedom to do whatever they want given the materials they have. Whether you are playing in creative or survival mode, you can build whatever structures you want. For a structure that will give you an imposing aerial view and simply look awesome, try making a tower. Here are some of the best Minecraft tower designs we have found from across the internet.

An easy medieval tower

Starting things off very simple, this medieval tower is particularly easy to build in survival. It isn’t the most amazing looking tower, but if you are looking to add a smaller tower to your home area, this gets the job done. It is made of mossy and regular cobblestone, smooth stone, and a few wooden pieces.

Wizard tower

Now we start getting into the more complicated structures. This wizard tower is impressive, made up of many different materials, and reaches high into the air. As good looking the tower is on the outside, the inside looks even better, stacked with bookcases and other items that a wizard would use.

Medieval lighthouse

Light up the night sky with this lighthouse made of stone and wood. Whether you want to put it in front of a body of water or simply use it in the middle of your home area, this lighthouse looks great during the day and at night.


Watchtower will be great for looking over your land no matter what biomes surround you. There isn’t much on the inside, but these are really only used to get you up high quickly.

Castle tower

Castle tower is made mainly of stone with a little need for wood. It has a slightly unique form factor when compared with the other selections on this list, so if you are looking for something different, this could be a good option.

Epic tower

This self-proclaimed epic tower lives up to its name. Starting at the bottom is a dungeon-like looking entrance, with the midsection taking the form of a more traditional building and a topping that could befit a castle.

Tall tower

What good is a tower if it does not actually tower over the rest of your land? This tower is insanely tall and is complicated with many branching appendages and swirling design choices.


The rest of the entries on this list have been more fantastical, olden designs. That changes with this modern skyscraper to bring things into the 21st century.

Another modern tower

Here is another modern looking tower that might not have the most unique looking base, but once you reach the top has very octopus-like looking arms stretching above it.

Treehouse tower

Most people do not consider the prospect of turning a treehouse into a tower. Stand out from the rest with these living quarters that will get you closer to nature.