Trek to Yomi full achievements and trophies list

This one is for all the trophy and achievement hunters.

Image via Devolver Digital

Trek to Yomi is a linear action game with slow and calculated combat. Inspired by classic Japanese samurai flicks, it is available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. If you’re a trophy or achievement hunter deciding whether to invest in Flying Wild Hog’s latest title, we have you covered.

Our guide below lists all of Trek to Yomi’s achievements and trophies, including the hidden ones.

All Trek to Yomi achievements and trophies

The following list features all of the normal achievements and trophies:

  • Young Blood – Kill the first enemy
  • End of Kindergarten – Complete the first chapter
  • After the Storm – Complete the second chapter
  • Dust and Ashes – Complete the third chapter
  • Fleeting Destiny – Complete the fourth chapter
  • Afterlife Traveler – Complete the fifth chapter
  • Trek’s End? – Complete the sixth chapter
  • Samurai Dies Twice – Finish the game
  • This Will Come in Handy – Collect the first upgrade
  • Dedicated Collector – Collect all upgrades
  • Leave no Stone Unturned – Find all lore collectibles
  • Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken – Finish the game in Ronin mode
  • Men-Kaeshi-Dou – Perform 50 successful counters
  • Bloodlust – Perform 50 finishers
  • Big Bertha – Kill three enemies at the same time with ozutsu
  • Unstoppable – Finish the game on Kensei mode
  • Malicious Mischief – Kill 10 enemies without using weapons

The following list includes Trek to Yomi’s hidden achievements and trophies:

  • Follow Your Mind – Finish the game with the path of duty
  • Follow Your Heart – Finish the game with the path of love
  • Follow Your Blade – Finish the game with the path of fury
  • Early End – Kill the third chapter boss
  • I’ll Put This Spear Into… – Kill Sadatame without taking damage
  • No, That’s not Possible… – Kill Kagerou Shogun without taking damage
  • That Woman is a Demon! – Kill Aiko Demon without taking damage
  • Forgive Me, Sensei – Kill Sanjuro Demon without taking damage
  • Clash in a Mirror – Kill Hiroki Demon without taking damage
  • Demon’s Dread – Kill Kagerou Demon without taking damage
  • Untouchable – Finish a chapter without dying and using a shrine