Trial of Wisdom’s Initiation pressure plate puzzle solutions – Immortals Fenyx Rising

Get smart.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

In the A New God DLC you will need to prove your worth to the Gods of Olympus if you hope to join them in the pantheon. This means taking on various trials, puzzles, and other tests to show them that you are up to snuff in the traits that gods need.

Athena believes that gods should be wise, so she will put your wisdom to the test over a range of puzzles, starting with the Trial of Wisdom’s Initiation. You can either work all these out for yourself or just allow our useful guide to feed you the answers. Athena will never know.

The first puzzle is very simple, all you need to do is stand on the pressure plates directly across from the shining crystals, in the same order that they light up. This is a simple introduction to the puzzle mechanic, so we won’t put up a solution for that one.

After that, you will come to an area with a puzzle on either side. We have referred to the puzzle on the left as Puzzle 1, and the puzzle on the right as Puzzle 2. Remember to interact with the stone plinth to start each puzzle, only then can you attempt to solve it.

Puzzle 1

Stand on the plates in the above order to get the correct combination of gods for the answer.

Puzzle 2

Once again, stand on the plates in the above order for the correct solution.

Puzzle 3

And for the final puzzle, step on the plates in the above order to get the correct gods combination. After that, you can use the jump pad to hop across the gap, open the chest, and leave the Trial.