Valorant Crossover Pass Event guide – rewards, content, and dates

New Episode, new free goodies.

Image via Riot

To celebrate the release of the new Episode 5 Act 1 in Valorant, Riot will also be releasing a free Crossover Pass event track, which functions as a free battle pass. It will offer free rewards to welcome players to Omega Earth, where Episode 5 will take place within the game’s growing lore. You will be able to earn new player titles, player cards, and even some Radianite — which means that the Crossover Pass will contain seven rewards to earn while playing Valorant.

Valorant Crossover Pass event rewards

Following the tradition of previous free event passes, the Crossover Pass will feature rewards that tie into the theme of the new Episode. The Crossover Pass event takes inspiration from where we left off with our Agents during the “Shattered” introductory cinematic — a Valorant-inspired comic book store. The player icons especially feature gorgeous comic book style art that we hope to see continue throughout the new Episode.

Image via Riot

Then, there’s also the new map Pearl, set in underwater Portugal on Omega Earth, which is sure to feature even more prominently as the event progresses. The Pearl map is also where the above-mentioned comic book store is located.

Therefore, all of the free rewards found in the Crossover Pass include:

  • Two player titles: Dimensional and Double Agent
  • Thee Player Cards: Omen, Killjoy & Raze, The Valorant Legion
  • Radianite Points: 2 x 10 Radianite points

The free event pass for the new Episode is starting with a bang, but as is usually the case, an official Episode 5 Battle Pass will follow soon after. If these free cosmetics are anything to go by, then the new paid Battle Pass won’t disappoint either and can even prove to be among the best ones yet.

The Crossover event starts with the release of Episode 5 on June 22 and will end on July 13, so there is plenty of time to log in and get those rewards.