Vampyr Family History Walkthrough – Fergal And Mary Boss Fight

In the previous chapter White Coat, Jonathan Reid joined Dr. Swansea and revealed the blackmailer who was troubling Lady Ashbury. In chapter 3 Family History, Jonathan further investigates the murder in the city. He will face Fergal the sewer beast who is a tough boss and later he has to fight with his sister Mary who is risen from the dead.

Vampyr Family History Walkthrough

Family History

This chapter has six main quest, Cause, and Effects, The Eye in the Womb, The Sad Saint of the East End, Giving a Dog a Bad Name, Red Rivers and Burying the Past.

Cause and Effects

Vampyr Family History Walkthrough

This one is a short mission, you just have to visit and talk to Dr. Swansea. There will be a short discussion regarding the flu.

The Eye Was In The Womb

Once done with the talking, he will tell you about the funeral of Jonathan’s sisters. Once you reach the cemetery you will have to enter from the south side. On your way, you will find a woman who is surrounded by skals, save her and then head to the cemetery. Once you reach follow the marker, and go right, jump above the wall and walk around until you see a cutscene. Lady Ashbury will appear after the cutscene, next you will have to reach St. Mary Church. Go to the church and talk to the priest. The discussion will be about Jonathan’s sister. Just confess and return to Dr. Swansea. On your path, you will also see a glimpse of your maker.

The Sad Saint of the East End

Return to Dr. Swansea, and he will tell you to find Sean Hampton. He is believed to be the killer of Harriet Jones. Go to the Docks to find him. Talk to the citizens at the Docks to get a clue of him. You will have to locate Tom Watts who will finally tell about Sean Hampton. He is the bartender one you meet at the beginning of the game. You will get a marker on your screen, just follow it. Talk to Lottie Paxton at Sean Hampton’s Night Shelter. She is wiping the floor. Once you find Sean Hampton talk to him and he will tell you about the Skal thing. But he will also say that he is not the killer. Later he will tell you to go to the sewer.

Jimmy “The Spark” Barlow Boss Fight:

On your way you will find a warehouse, enter and you will have to face a boss Jimmy Barlow. This boss is equipped with a flamethrower but does not own much speed. You can easily dodge flamethrower attacks. There will be two more enemies around, but best focus on the boss as they will reborn in the fight.

Give a Dog a Bad Name

Follow the marker, and you will reach a metal gate. It will take you to Embankment Sewers. Here you will play a puzzle, this will appear only once in the game. The puzzle solution is to jump into the sewer pipes and break the barrels. This will close the gates. Then return back and rotate both the wheels which will give you a switch. Look behind on the right side. Take the walkway and go down the stairs. It will lead you to a new door. Keep walking till you see a cutscene after which you will fight with a boss.

Fergal Boss Fight:

Vampyr Family History Walkthrough

This one is a tough boss a huge and strong vampire. He can perform very strong melee attacks on you from a good range. Fast dodging is key to stay alive. If you had upgraded your abilities then this will be helping you a lot in this part of the fight. He can hit you with a very strong punch that can eat a good amount of your health. He can also summon his clones who will remain visible for some time. You just have to dodge them. Shockwaves are the next kind of attack he can unleash when you see him releasing a shocking way to try going as far as possible. He can jump and land which also creates a shockwave that can damage your health. Once you had done damaging a good amount of health he will get more dangerous. He will summon a lot of clones who will try to attack you, and suck your blood to heal Fergal.

To defeat Fergal you have to play slow and be patient. You will get chance in between to drink his blood but don’t do that it will heal him. Attack once or twice and then dodge back. Once you learn this pattern of attacks it will be easier for you to tackle him.

After killing Fergal go out of the area till finding Old Bridget. She is the leader of Skal’s. Talk to her about Harriet Jones, and then return to Old Bridge. Once done talking go and talk to Sean Hampton. You will have to decide his fate like how did for Nurse Crane. You can Spare Him or help him through choice Turn. Pick TURN.

Red Rivers

Once you are done talking to him exit the building and you will see a murder. Investigate the corpse and you will find a trinket that belongs to Jonathan mother. You will get a marker on the screen, it will lead you to a flat. Once you enter you will see blood on the ground, go upstairs and get to the streets by passing through the hole in the wall. Keep following the blood trail and you will find another corpse. It is hanging on a tree which holds Jonathan’s sister flowers. Investigate the body and follow the mysterious figure that will appear.

Burying the Past

Following the figure, you will reach a cemetery. This is the place where will face another boss in the game. This one is Jonathan’s sister who is turned into a vampire and killing people around. You have to fight her. At the entrance of the cemetery you will spot the priest, if you spare him you can use him, later on, to bite for blood.

Mary Boss Fight:

After the conversation, your fight with Mary begins. She is resistant to blood attacks. She will pull out a wooden cross and attack you with it. She will walk slow and later she will start dodging towards you. She will have a different type of attacks like summoning explosive red roots that will explode as she vomits. You have to stay away from it. Dodge and let her attack first, and then use yours. She has a pretty big health bar, so take your time.

Once you win, you will see Jonathan has to kill Mary once again. This the end of this chapter. You can read our walkthrough on the next chapter 4 Rising Fever. For more updates on the game, you can also read our Vampyr Wiki guide.