How To Complete All Pembroke Hospital Investigations – Vampyr

The investigation is an important part of Vampyr game, you will find various NPC’s in the city. You can talk to them find clues and get side mission. Ample of them will reward you with decent XP that will help you to progress in the game. In this guide, you can find solutions for all investigations at the Pembroke Hospital.

Pembroke Hospital Investigations

Pembroke Hospital All Investigations

There are 7 investigations you can finish in the hospital area. They are Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Wrong Target, The Harder They Fall, Claustrophobia, Working Tool, Burn After Reading and Missing Ingredients.


Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil –

To begin this investigation you have to find and talk to Milton Hooks. To complete you have to go the other side of the hospital and search for a garden. There are some benches around with some skals. Kill the skals and find the wallet. It is kept on one of the benches. Bring it back to Milton to complete the investigation.

Wrong Target

To start you have to talk to Thelma Howcraft. After meeting her follow the marker which will lead you to a tall building. Go in there and kill the vampire hunters. You will find a letter with a destination in it. Go there and kill a few more vampire hunters. You will get a second letter. Return to Thelma and talk to her. Tell her that she is looking for the wrong person. This completes the investigation.

The Harder They Fall –

To begin this investigation you will have to locate a patient’s death certification. Go into the basement of the abandoned morgue. After starting this you will have to start investigating the corpse which is on the operating table. Check all the injuries and then find Dr. Corcoran Tippets. He will tell you that once the outbreak is over he will resign from his work. This completes the investigation.

Claustrophobia –

You will find this one in the main quest A Rat In The Hospital of Chapter 2 Whitecoat. To start this investigation you will have to look for the man who is locked in a cell. Just talk to him and tell him to leave the place. After the night he will become a member of the hospital.

Working Tool –

To begin this one you will have to reach the letter that is located near Clay Cox. You can find as soon as you complete Chapter 2 Whitecoat and start the next Chapter 3 Family History. Just follow the mission marker and you will reach a cell that is located by the river side. Kill the skals inside and then open the chest that contains Clay’s Knife. Return to Clay Cox to complete the investigation.

Burn After Reading –

This investigation will begin once you learn about Mortimer’s suicide attempt while he is discussing with his mother, just talk to him. You will get a key to his apartment, go there and locate a letter. Take the letter and return to Clay.

Missing Ingredients –

To start this one you will have to find and talk to Dr. Strickland on storage of ingredients. Just follow the marker and you will to face a boss type Skal ahead. Kill the monster and then search his body. You will find a letter from Dr. Strickland. Return to the doctor. You will have to agree on creating a new medicine to move forward. You will get the list of ingredients required to make the medicine, find them and craft it in your hideout. Go back to Dr. Strickland and talk to him to complete the investigation.

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