Where to Find Vex Transformers in Destiny 2


During the Impossible Task quest for Osiris in Destiny 2, Guardians have to visit three different planets to find Vex Transformers: Mercury, Io, and Nessus. When you arrive on the planet, you can quickly see where the Vex Transformers are by the ‘X’s’ that pop up on your map across the landscape. You need to look around the location you go to because they are a little hidden. When you destroy them, you’ll receive Vex Chronometric Scrap.

Mercury Vex Transformers. The first five Vex Transformers you’ll want to take out on Mercury. Because you receive the quest on this planet, it makes sense to visit these locations first. Not all of them are obvious. For example, the one closest to the Lighthouse is behind it and attached to the wall. You need to use your minimap to search them out, but you don’t need to do too many insane jumping puzzles to access them.

Starting at the top of the map:

  • Behind the Lighthouse (top part of the map)
  • Behind the Waterfall (at the center of the map)
  • The Tower, across the Chasm (on the right side of the map)
  • On top of the Infinite Forest Gate (lower part of the map)
  • On the lowered edge of the map (to the left side of the map)

Mercury Vex Transformers Locations

Io Vex Transformers. The next planet you need to visit is Io, and when you arrive, all of the locations should look similar to the previous ones you ran through on Mercury. You might find it best to start at The Rupture quick travel location because there are two quite close to one another on this part of the map. After, travel over to the Lost Oasis to round up the final three.

From the left side of the map:

  • Inside the Circle of Bones lost sector (stick to the left side of it and jump to the rock to reach the ledge)
  • Look up through the debris of the Pyramidion
  • Fast travel to Lost Oasis and go under the large tree (it’s in the middle)
  • Investigate Terrabase Charon (look to the left after the first door)
  • Fast travel to Giant’s Scar and enter the Excavation site. It’s behind a somewhat blocked doorway

Vex Transformer Locations on Io

Nessus Vex Transformers. The last series of Vex Transformer you need to destroy is on Nessus. You’ll want to jump through the Exodus Black travel point. You can grab the first one there, and then make your way across to the left side of the map to destroy all of those Vex Transformers. Much like the previous ones, take some time to use your minimap to see if you’re on the correct level as them and don’t need to jump around.

From the lower right-hand portion of the map:

  • Top of an arch (in the Chamber of Sky)
  • Inside some debris in the Glade of Echoes (to the east of the first Vex Transformer)
  • In the Hollows, tucked along the side of the wall (near the public event)
  • Fast travel to Artifact’s Edge and look behind you, on the Mesa
  • Go to the center of The Tangle and look underneath the tree

Vex Transformer Locations in Nessus