Warcraft Arclight Rumble miniature leader families explained

Your favorite Warcraft heroes in toy form.

Image via Activision Blizzard

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The Warcraft franchise is expanding into the mobile market with the recent announcement of Warcraft Arclight Rumble. The title is an action strategy game that sees miniature versions of popular Warcraft denizens and heroes compete in epic melee combat on maps inspired by the tower defense genre. It will feature single-player as well as cooperative and competitive multiplayer.

Much like hero characters in Warcraft III, Arclight Rumble will include many Leader characters who all bring unique abilities and characteristics to the battle based on their family unit.

The game will feature five different categories of families at launch. Each family will have several different Leader heroes from across the Warcraft universe.

  • Alliance – Alliance Leaders focus on making sure your units are protected with defensive, healing, and stealth tactics. Example Leaders include Tirion Fording, Maiev Shadowsong, and Jaina Proudmore.
  • Horde – Horde Leaders help build momentum in battle by earning additional gold, deploying fast-attacking troops, and crowd-controlling enemies. Example Leaders include Grommash Hellscream, Sneed, and Cairne Bloodhoof.
  • Beast – Beast Leaders help with disabling enemy defenses and overwhelming foes with swarms of troops. Example Leaders include Charlga Razorflank and Hogger.
  • Blackrock – Blackrock Leaders specialize in heavy-hitting flying troops and searing elemental magics. Example Leaders include Rend Blackhand and General Drakkisath.
  • Undead – Undead Leaders focus on increasing the power of offensive spells and necromancy to swarm the battlefield. Example Leaders include Bloodmage Thalnos and Baron Rivendare.

It is important to play to each Leader’s strengths and develop strategies by experimenting with different families. The game will also encourage you to replay maps with different Leaders for additional rewards.