Warframe: All Duviri Side Activities & How To Complete Them

Take time between visits to The Undercroft to see what Duviri has to offer.


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Warframe’s The Duviri Paradox expansion adds a massive open world for you to explore, but you may not take most of it in while playing. The gameplay loop on Duviri focuses on completing objectives to earn Decrees that buff your abilities so you can complete runs for materials. However, there are loads of ways you can pick up extra Decrees in a run. Many that you won’t see if you’re being rushed through a run by the players you’ve been matched with. This guide highlights every side activity you can tackle on Duviri and how to complete them, so you can enjoy this open world a little more.

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All Side Activities in Warframe: The Duviri Paradox

Below is every side activity available to you on Duviri and an explanation for how to complete them. Take some time to read through them all so you know what to do to buff The Drifter with even more Decrees in your next run. You never know, you might be able to craft something similar to the ultimate speed build. All side activities award every player in the squad with a Decree and a selection of resources.

Tamm Herding

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Tamm Herding is our favorite side activity because very few other MMOs let you live out the fantasy of being a farmer in a futuristic landscape. To complete this side activity, you’ll need to find the Tamms that have run away from their pen and herd them back in. This isn’t very difficult since the Tamms run away from you as you walk up to them. Think like a sheepdog and walk around the creature’s sides if it’s veering off in the wrong direction.

Animal Conservation

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Koral will alert you if there are any animals nearby that have been afflicted by Void corruption. When you get one of these messages, you must locate the animal, which will have a sentry-like gaze, scanning the environment for enemies. You need to sneak up on the animal, which might be a Kexat, Tamm, or a Krubie, and interact with it to subdue it and remove the corruption. If it sees you, it’ll spawn three orbs that you have to destroy before you can remove the corruption. Getting rid of the corruption in the animal requires you to press a few different buttons, but once you’ve done it, the animal can be petted. The final thing you need to do is pet the animal because it’ll then lead you to a chest with your Decree inside.

Rescue Prisoners

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Rescuing prisoners is a wave-based activity. You need to interact with a shrine and then keep the Dax back long enough for the prisoners to escape. There’s nothing more to it than that, but it adds a nice bit of flavor to Duviri by showing The Drifter isn’t the only one Dominus Thrax kept there.

Kaithe Racing

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Occasionally you’ll come across gates that trigger the Kaithe Racing activity. These are pretty self-explanatory. Race on the ground and through the sky on your Kaithe mount and beat the record time for the side activity. You can gain additional time by shooting race targets along the way.

Shawzin Playing

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Shawzins are the guitar/sitar-like instruments you can find close to cozy spaces around Duviri. When you interact with them, you’ll be given a choice of how you’d like to play, Normal or Virtuoso. You will get a Decree for completing a song with every Shawzin you encounter on Duviri in a single run. However, you can’t play one instrument and gather multiple Decrees. You need to explore and find new ones if you want to buff The Drifter. If you complete all 12 Shawzin songs on Virtuoso difficulty, you’ll unlock the Courtly Shawzin, a special version of the instrument you can use to show off to everyone you play with.

Maw Feeding

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Maw Feeding is a great activity that you start by finding and interacting with the circular platforms around Duviri. They’re usually close to a pond or body of water. When you interact with the platform, you’ll take over control of a Maw, a type of fish in the nearby water. You need to control the Maw and make it eat as many other fish as possible. If you manage to build up the feeding meter until it hits or goes beyond the treasure chest icon, you’ll successfully complete the activity and unlock a new Decree.

Reconnect Power Lines

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While exploring Duviri, you’ll find objects flowing in the sky that you can shoot to produce a beam of light. You need to follow the beam of light, shooting each object as you see it, to reconnect the power lines to the main source. We’ve found that these usually appear in pairs with timers, adding a bit more challenge to the experience. If you successfully reconnect the power, you’ll get a Decree.


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Enigmas are one of the most difficult side activities to complete because a few require two players. When playing with random people, it’s hard to coordinate to complete anything. Enigmas are sets of runes on various surfaces that indicate there’s a puzzle to be solved. These vary from linking up power lines to picking up disks and inserting them in specific holders. A Decree is only a potential reward from an Enigma, and we haven’t found an easy one yet, so it’s more efficient and fun to complete most of the other side activities on this list.

Unlocking Chests

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Duviri is lousy with chests, but you can’t walk up to them and hope for a Decree to just drop out. You’ve got to work through a grueling unlocking process that requires you to press buttons in time with a symbol that moves through the movable eyelet on the lock. It’s complex, and there are even moments when you need to hold and mash buttons to make it work. However, if you manage to complete the process, you’ll get a shiny new Decree.

Assemble Shrines

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You’ll find various Shrines scattered around Duviri. Interacting with them triggers waves of enemies to start attacking you. Kill each wave and recover the Shrine Part that the final enemy from each one drops. When you’ve collected all of them, you’ll be able to complete the Shrine and get a Decree.

Play a Game of Komi

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Throughout Duviri, you’ll find spots where you can sit down and play a broad game. That board game is Komi, and it’s a real time sink if you want it to be. The goal is to capture 10 stones from your opponent before they do the same to you. The rules are fairly simple to understand, with the crux of stone capturing being to surround a stone with your own stones.