Warframe – All Data Hash Locations On Orb Vallis

Warframe rolled out yet more things for us to do yesterday! Top of the list is finding the mysterious Data Hash secrets that are spread across Orb Vallis. These things are small, and easy to miss, so lucky for you we are working on this guide to help you find them all.

All Data Hash Locations

On the map below you can see all the Data Hash locations that we have found. Listed below that you will find some info on where each one is, and a pic to give you some context as to its location. I have simply assigned each Data Hash a letter to make it all easier to follow.

Data Hash Locations

Individual Data Hash Locations


Data Hash A

You can find this in the strange ruins located in this area. Go inside the ruins, it will be on one the broken golden girders inside.


Data Hash B

You can find this Data Hash at the very top of the Temple of Profit, in the hands of the statue.


Data Hash C

You can find this in the gave at the location marked on the map. Just go inside, then keep turning left until you reach a pool. Jump across and the Data Hash will be there.


Data Hash D

You can find this one above the door to the enemy base marked on the map.


Data Hash E

Another enemy base, you can find the Data Hash in the large trailer just inside the main entrance.


Data Hash F

Another cave, head in until you reach a large drop, the Data Hash will be on a ledge to your left.


Data Hash G

Run in the cave entrance just beside the small river, you will find the Data Hash at the top of a column of rock.


Data Hash H

Head to the Temple of Fabrication and you will find the next one on top of the large statue there.


Data Hash I

Head into the cave right beside the road, then go as deep as you can. Interact with the panel to get the platform across the pool, then jump into the gap in the wall behind it. Head further, and you will find the Data Hash beside a thin column of rock.


Data Hash J

This can be found just outside the entrance to Fortuna, on the odd looking plant that stands alone outside.


Data Hash K

Head into the cave entrance marked on the map, and go all the way into the final chamber. You will see a thick cable above you, jump up to it to find the Data Hash.


Data Hash L

Head into the cave until you reach a well lit area, then jump over the pool to the mushroom on the other side. The Data Hash will be on the plant.


Data Hash M

Head for the Cave, then drop down to the odd booster plant. Go into the ravine under this, then take the fist left to go deeper. When you emerge from the tunnel, the Data Hash will be ahead of you.


Data Hash N

Head for the back of the Spaceport and you will find the Data Hash on the ground next to the wall.


Data Hash O

Head for the Orokin Dig Site, and climb atop the large jutting rock face outside it. The Data Hash will be up there.


Data Hash P

Go into the small cave marked on the map, then head all the way inside. Interact with the machine to drain the pool, and you will find the Data Hash on the ledge below you.

That’s it Tenno, all the Data Hash locations! Good luck tracking them all down.