Warframe – Deck 12 Location

The latest update to Warframe brought a new boss fight with it. Part of the Buried Debts event, this fight sees you descend to Deck 12 to take on the Exploiter Orb. Read on to find out the Deck 12 location.

Deck 12 Location

Deck 12 Location

To get to Deck 12, you need to load into Orb Vallis, on Venus. Once you hit the icy plains, open up your map and put a marker down where the 1 is shown on the map above. This is the mountain you need to head for.

Security Door

When you arrive, travel around to the back of the mountain and you will find a cave. Venture down inside it until you come to a security door, and a console. Hack the console, and the solution to the puzzle should already be there for you. Now you can venture past the gate, deep into Deck 12.

When you get down there, you will find the Exploiter Orb fight is waiting for you. If you need help with this fight, be sure to check out our useful guide! Killing the Exploiter Orb is how you get the parts for the new Hildryn Warframe, so best of luck, Tenno!