Warframe – How To Get Drifting Contact


Drifting Contact is a mod in Warframe that grants an increase to the Melee Combo Counter, and also increases the Status Chance of any weapon that it is equipped on. Status Chance is the likelihood that an attack with your weapon will cause a Status Effect, such as Cold, Electricity, Slash, etc. The higher the overall Status Chance, the greater the likelihood that your attacks will causes the effect, meaning the more damage you will do.

The Melee Combo Counter, or Combo Duration, is a cumulative count of all your successful melee attacks within a small time window. The higher the combo, the greater the damage you do. The normal time window is just three seconds, with the counter resetting after this period if no enemies are struck.

How To Get Drifting Contact

Drifting Contact is a Rare mod that can be obtained from Alert Missions and Nightmare Mode missions. Keep an eye on your Navigation bar for Active Alerts, as they will tell you what the Alert is, its location, and the rewards you can get from it. It is also possible to trade the mod, so it can be purchased from, or sold to, other players.

Warframe Drifting Contact

Warframe Drifting Contact ‚Äč

  • Mod Name – Drifting Contact
  • Capacity Drain and Polarity – 5 Vazarin (at Max Rank)
  • Mod Rank – 3
  • Rarity – Rare
  • Rank 0 – +2.5 seconds Combo Duration, +10% Status Chance, Cost 2
  • Rank 1 – +5 seconds Combo Duration, +20% Status Chance, Cost 3
  • Rank 2 – +7.5 seconds Combo Duration, +30% Status Chance, Cost 4
  • Rank 3 – +10 seconds Combo Duration, +40% Status Chance, Cost 5

Important Tips For Drifting Contact

  • Can be used in addition with other mods to further increase Combo Duration and Status Chance.
  • At max ranked, and with no other Combo Duration mods, will increase combo duration to 13 seconds.
  • Can be used in addition to mods such as Melee Prowess, Volcanic Strike, Vicious Frost, Voltaic Strike etc to further increase Status Chance.
  • Status Chance is based on the stat of the weapon that it is used on, be sure to check the Status Chance of the weapon itself before deciding if you want to stack these mods on it.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other mods that benefit from the Melee Combo Counter to ensure that benefits are not lost in between fighting groups of enemies. For example, the Blood Rush mod will massively increase Critical Chance with a high Combo Count.
  • If you are new to the game, and have been searching for this Mods based off an active alert, you may benefit from reading our Complete Mods Guide.