Warframe – How To Get A Exilus Weapon Adapter


Exilus Weapon Adapters are a new version of the Exilus Adapter you will be used to. Introduced in Update 26, The Old Blood, these are designed for Weapons instead of Warframes. They function the same way, allowing you to place a Utility Mod on any weapon you use them on. They are designed for use with Primary and Secondary weapons only.

Warframe – How To Get A Exilus Weapon Adapter

You can get Exilus Weapon Adapters from the following places:

  • Offerings from the six main Syndicates
  • Requiem Relics
  • The Market for 20 Platinum

How To Use A Exilus Weapon Mod

Exilus Weapon Adapter Mod Slot

Once you get the Exilus Weapon Adapter, just go into your Arsenal and choose the weapon you wish to use it with. Go into the Upgrade screen for the weapon, and on the right hand side you will notice the new Exilus Weapon Adapter mod slot. Click on it, select the Exilus Weapon Adapter, then hit Select. The mod slot will now be unlocked.

Below you will find a list of Utility Mods that you can use on weapons, taken from the Update 26 patch notes. This list is designed to provide Utility, and not DPS, a core part of the decision making behind the Exilus Weapon Adapter.

Ammo max:

  • Ammo Drum
  • Shell Compression
  • Trick Mag


  • Rifle Ammo Mutation
  • Primed Rifle Ammo Mutation
  • Shotgun Ammo Mutation
  • Primed Shotgun Ammo Mutation
  • Pistol Ammo Mutation
  • Primed Pistol Ammo Mutation
  • Arrow Mutation
  • Sniper Ammo Mutation
  • VIGILANTE: Supplies


  • Eagle Eye
  • Broad Eye
  • Overview
  • Air Recon
  • AERO: Periphery


  • Agile Aim
  • Snap Shot
  • Spry Sights

Recoil modifying:

  • Gun Glide
  • Double-Barrel Drift
  • Stabilizer
  • Vile Precision
  • Strafing Slide
  • Steady Hands


  • Guided Ordnance
  • Narrow Barrel
  • Targeting Subsystem


  • Hush
  • Silent Battery
  • Suppress

Holstering Speed:

  • Soft Hands
  • Twitch
  • Reflex Draw

Reload Whilst Holstered:

  • Lock and Load
  • Tactical Reload
  • Eject Magazine

Projectile Speed:

  • Terminal Velocity
  • Fatal Acceleration
  • Lethal Momentum


  • Adhesive Blast
  • Cautious Shot
  • Fomorian Accelerant
  • Kinetic Ricochet
  • Tether Grenades