Warframe Eximus Farming Guide – How To Quickly Complete The Eximus Executioner Challenge (2021)

Eximus enemies are powerful foes. Approach with caution.


A regular challenge that can come up during Nightwave in Warframe is to do some Eximus farming. You will need to kill 100 Eximus enemies to complete the Eximus Executioner challenge. Eximus enemies can spawn in any mission, and this is the kind of challenge that should happen naturally while you play. There are, however, certain activities that guarantee more Eximus spawns, should you want to wrap it up quickly.

You can recognize Eximus enemies in the game by the red glow that highlights their character model! Be careful if you are a newer player, as Eximus enemies can be very powerful. They also have a range of abilities that make them different from standard enemies and can cast damaging shockwaves, drain your energy, or protect other enemy units with shields.

Warframe Eximus Enemies Guide

Sanctuary Onslaught

One of the easiest ways to get this challenge done is in Sanctuary Onslaught and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. This mode will spawn a lot of Eximus enemies. Depending on your level, pick the challenge that is appropriate for you. It should be noted that Eximus spawns occur more often in the higher difficulty Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. You need to have completed The New Strange quest to access this game mode. This can be found in your Codex if you haven’t finished it yet.


One of the Sortie modifiers is Eximus Stronghold. A Sortie with this modifier will spawn a very high volume of Eximus enemies, and you can easily reach the 100 kills you need in one mission. It is also a reasonably common modifier, and you can expect to see it at least once a week if you want to wait. You will have access to Sorties as long as you have finished The War Within quest.

Arbitration Alerts

Arbitration Alerts spawn a lot of Eximus enemies, and their endless nature means you can stay in the mission, as long as you survive. To get access to Arbitrations, you need to have finished every node on the Star Chart at least once, then visit the Arbiters of Hexis in a relay.

Endless Missions

For people who are newer to the game, endless missions are where you want to go for this challenge. Anything like a Defense, or Survival mission, will begin to spawn plenty of Eximus enemies as you get into the later Rotations. It is a good idea to check in the recruiting channel to find people who want to run long endless missions, this way people won’t leave too early, leaving you alone against a tough challenge.

The Void

Void tilesets will have a high chance of spawning Eximus enemies, especially at higher difficulties. It is not notably higher than usual, but it is worth mentioning for passive farming.

One important thing to note is that Steel Path missions do not spawn Eximus enemies any quicker than standard missions, so do not make for a good Eximus farm. And that’s it, Tenno, between all those options you should be able to find something that suits you for Eximus Farming.